BIT Administrative Ordinance for International Students

I.A student must obey by the laws decrees and rules of Chinese government. Not to interfere in China's interior affairs. Not to harm Chinese national security and interests.

II. To maintain and promote friendship among students from different countries, respect the custom of Chinese people and other countries, respect BIT faculty and staff. Solidify students and don't to infringe other's right and interests. 

III. Be conscious to maintain the social order and the order of both teaching and living on campus. 

IV. Without permission from BIT a student cannot distribute or paste exhibit, advertisement and notice for agora. Neither to organize film, dance, assembly and parade, nor broadcasting in public place. Without permission a student is forbidden to convene persons from outside to campus for mass activities. 

V. Neither do anything that is not in conformity to your status as a student. A student is not allowed be employed. Working permit should apply to Office of International Students first.

VI. International students have to obey BIT's regulations, system and disciplines consciously.

Never to destroy public property nor involve in gambling, drug, drunk, bust-up, sexual harassment or other bad activities. It's strictly prohibited to buy, sale, hold and use controlled things by public security authority, such as falchion, blade, dagger, saber, etc., gun and pistol, explosive and dangerous materials. 

VII. Visit to website should abide by the laws of China. Do not disobey the relative laws and the BIT Temporary Administrative Measures of Campus Network Safety & Protection. Handling information of China's national security or confidential information is strictly prohibited. Never visit to illegal website, download and spreading illegal information, nor Hacker activity. Each student has the obligation and responsibility to prosecute any illegal activities.

VIII. Abide by China's traffic rules, pay attention to traffic safety. Never drive a vehicle without driver license, nor drive vehicle without a valid license plate. Bar from drive motorcycle.

IX. Do not do religion activities at a place where is not granted by Chinese government. Never take part in any activities held by any illegal religion organization.

X. Student has the right and preference to enjoy activities organized by BIT but no transfer to others. One may return the ticket in time to organizer if not to join.

BIT will punish offender in accordance with the rules. It will be to decrease or stop scholarship, fine, warn, serious warn, keep fault record, disciplinary probation, expel respectively bases on different condition. Misfeasor will be penalized by relative laws. An expelled student has to leave China immediately. If a student was supported by scholarship the result will be noticed to the dispatch organization. 

BIT will honor, comment and encourage student who is excellent at study, follow the university regulations, respect to faculty and staff, to solidify students with high moral. 

The mode for rewarding as follows: Praise in campus newspaper, diploma, award, scholarship or conferring a title.

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