Cyborg and Bionic Systems


Cyborg and Bionic Systems' mission is to promote the knowledge interchange and hybrid system codesign between living beings and robotic systems. Living beings inspire improvements or novel robotics systems which, in turn, shall enable knowledge enhancement and extension of capabilities for living creatures.

The journal publishes original, peer-reviewed articles based on fundamental, applied science, or their interaction. It covers a wide range of fields related to cybernetic organisms (cyborg) and bionic systems (CBS) These mainly include robotics, biomedical engineering and neuro-engineering. Research within the scope of the journal can be based on bio-mechatronic robotic systems, which may help restore or augment the capabilities of human and other living beings. Research also includes hybrid technologies that mimic the mechanisms of life, to create robots and systems that support and interact with human and other species in a variety of environments. Furthermore, the journal includes scientific investigations into principles of life in nature to advance bionic technologies. Cyborg and Bionic Systems also publishes reviews to disseminate the latest advancements in areas of interest. In addition, it encourages authors from various disciplines to contribute their insights on the ethical, legal and social implications (ELSI) around the development and application of CBS-related technologies.

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