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Zhao Changlu, Vice President

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Professor Zhao Changlu

  •  Chairman of the University Council in BIT

Dr. Zhao Changlu, born in Liaoning Province in 1963, is a professor and doctoral advisor. Awarded the doctoral degree majoring in Power Machinery and Engineering of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), he worked in BIT’s School of Mechanical Engineering as a teaching assistant in the engine laboratory, a lecturer and Deputy Director in the engine research office, Associate Professor and Professor from 1987 to 1990, and Deputy Director of the Party Branch in 1991. He became Deputy Director of the BIT Science and Technology Department in 1992, Director of the BIT Science and Technology Department in 1994, Assistant to the President of BIT in 1997, and Vice President of BIT in 1999. Since April 2003, Dr. Zhao has been Vice President and a standing member of the University Council in BIT. 2016, Dr. Zhao was elected as Chairman of the University Council in BIT.

His titles of honor include "Beijing Moral Education Model", "Defense Pre-Research Management Model", and "Model of University Scientific Research Management, Ministry of Education". He has also won four ministerial scientific and technological awards.

Responsibility: Be responsible for the overall work of Party Committee
                        In charge of the work of Party building and cadre team building; presided over the Party school work; in charge of the Organization Department, the Party Committee of the   organization
                         Be responsible for contacting School of Humanities and Social Sciences and School of Marxism

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