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Pakistani guy Nizam ud din, a master in software engineering

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Twenty-five year old Pakistani guy Nizam ud din (Sammi is his English name) came to China last September to study for a master’s degree in software engineering. He thought studying here brought extra color to his life. Traveling is an unmissable part when it comes to studying in China. The trip to the Great Walls was impressive. On the train to the Great Walls, he not only admired the majestic scenery of mountains, but also learned about the folklore of local people. After all these exciting experiences,he couldn’t wait to keep traveling around China. He wanted to go to the Great Walls again, and then to Xi'an, Anhui, Yunnan and other places to admirethe beauty of China.
Photo was taken in Zhong Guan Cun Campus by News Agency of BIT

来自巴基斯坦的25岁小伙Nizam ud din(英文名Sammi),去年九月来到了中国,开始他在北京理工大学软件工程专业硕士学位的研习。虽然来中国目前还只有短短的七个月,但他已经为新的生活增添了许多不同以往的色彩。留学中国,最不可错过的环节之一,就是旅行。长城之行令Sammi印象深刻,在坐火车前往的途中,他在欣赏壮丽山景的同时,还观察了本地的民风民俗,这些有趣的经历,令Sammi迫不及待的做出了下一步的假期旅游计划——再去一趟长城,然后到西安、安徽、云南等地去领略更多的中国风情。

摄于中关村校区 作者:外语新闻社 陈栎朵  编译:党委宣传部 赵洁 
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