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Cheer Up!

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Cheer Up! 

                                                      Liangxiang campus, which is called as "LIT" by students, is a land of hope for the development of the BIT. Many of the buildings were constructed, which carries the heavy responsibility for the future development of BIT. What is more important is, since 2007, a number of fresh life in this new campus leave their most valuable time,the memory of youth and experience in their youth time, continue to accumulate, both in the memory of each BIT student, and in beautiful Liangxiang campus, which is called "memory of university life" invisibly grows, and also become the dreaming land in the mind of more and more BITers, and never be obliterated. Here, BIT is unceasingly developing. In 2011, another group of students will return Zhongguancun Campus. At the farewell party in Liangxiang Campus, a girl on one side of the stage shouting loudly to her classmates, "Come on!"

                                                          Photo was taken in the farewell party in Liangxiang in 2011  by press corp of undergraduate


                                                                                                       摄于2011年“告别良乡”晚会   图片来源:北京理工大学大学生记者团

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