Administrative Offices

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1. Office of President
    Office of Legal Affairs
2. CPC Office of University Administrations
3. Office of Organization, CPC Committee
4. News Center
5. Office of Letters and Calls
6. Office of Disciplinary Inspection
7. Office of Supervision
8. Office of Security
9. Office of Information Security
10.Office of Undergraduate Student Affairs
     Center for Mental Health Education and Counseling
11. Office of Development and Planning
12. Graduate School
      Office of Graduate Admissions
      Office of Graduate Academic Affairs
      Office of Academic Degrees and Faculties
13. Office of Graduate Student Affairs
14. Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs
15. Academy of Science and Technology
      Office of General Affairs
      Office of Special Projects
      Office of High-tech
      Office of Fundamental Research
      Office of Domestic Scientific Collaborations,
      Office of Explosive Technology Research,

16. Office of Human Resources
17. Office of Admissions and Career Consultation
18. International Office
      Office of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs
19. Office of Real Estate Management
20. Office of Laboratory Management
21. Office of Finance
22. Office of Audit
23. Office of Alumni
24. Office of Infrastructure Construction
25. Office of Zhuhai Campus Administration
26. Office of Liangxiang Campus Administration
27. Office of Retired Staff Service
28. Office of Resident Administration
29. Labor Union
30. Office of the CYL Committee
      Center for Art Education
31. Library
32. Archives
33. Internet Service Center
34. Hospital
35. Logistics 
Other Administrations
36. Assets Management Co. Ltd.
37. Press of Beijing Institute of Technology
38. Science Park
39. Education Foundation

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