School of Mechanical Engineering

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    School of Mechanical Engineering is the biggest school of BIT in terms of the size of faculty, students, and research. The School currently has 52 professors, 112 associate professors, 76 lecturers and 85 research & administrative staff. There are approximately 1556 undergraduates and 886 post-graduates. 
    Mechanical Engineering is a broad-ranging and intellectually demanding discipline involving advanced technology and professional skills. The School offers three levels of academic programs, including PhD programs in Mechanical Engineering, Power Machinery & Engineering, and Transportation Engineering; 5-semester Master programs in Mechanical Engineering, Power Machinery & Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Electric Power & Electronics; and Bachelor programs in Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Vehicle Engineering, Power Machinery & Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Transportation & Logistics. In addition, Mechanical Engineering offers a teaching-in-English Bachelor program, FISC-Mechanical Engineering, for both students domestic and overseas, in which courses are given in English and domestic students are encouraged to study abroad for 6-12 months at a foreign university. 
    The School of Mechanical Engineering is recognized by academic peers, by students and by their employers, as one of the foremost education centers of mechanical engineering in China. The School received a Top 2nd rating, next to Tsinghua University, in the Teaching Quality Assessment by SOHU in 2010, and consistently appears at top of national surveys and excellence-league tables. The platform of technological innovation, corporate practice, and social experience provides students with diverse opportunities to extend their visions and potential of creation. 
    The School has one of the most active and extensive research profiles in BIT, concentrating in the areas of vehicle engineering, diesel engine & powertrain, manufacturing and machine tools, power engineering, robotics, mechatronic system and equipment, Nano science and technology, fluid mechanics & machinery, system & industrial engineering, product development, CAD/CAM/CAE, tribology, transportation & logistics, coatings and surface engineering, and knowledge engineering etc.
    The School of Mechanical Engineering has established a good number of laboratories with broad focus of teaching and research, including the National Laboratory for Vehicle Transmission Technology, the National Engineering Laboratory for Electric Vehicle, the National Engineering Training Center, Laboratory for Advanced Machining Technology, Laboratory for Vehicle Power Technology, Testing Laboratory for Vehicle Emission, and NSFC Key Laboratory for Nano/Micro Laser Fabrication. In particular, the Xishan Experimental Zone offers dedicated facilities and elegant environment for student programs and research. 
    The School values international cooperation as the promising approach to being an international institution. The strategy of globalization, comprising of faculty fusion, students integration, curriculum synchronization, and research collaboration, starts a new era of the School’s excellence. We have initiated student/faculty exchange programs, dual-degree programs, joint programs, joint laboratories, and joint research projects with our international partner universities including Hanover University, IST, KIT, Missouri University of Science & Technology, Moscow Bauman State Technical University, Nebraska-Lincoln University, Newcastle University, RWTH Aachen University, TIT, TU-Berlin, TU-Cottbus, TU-Munich, Turin Polytechnic University, UNIHAN, Uni-Stuttgart, and UPM etc. In addition to teaching-in-English Bachelor program, the teaching-in-English Master/PhD program of Mechanical Engineering will begin to enroll students domestic and overseas in 2012. We expect more and more students and faculty from our international partner universities to join us.
School of Mechanical Engineering at a glance
Professors: 52
Associate Professors: 112
Lecturers: 76
Research & Administrative Staff: 85
Undergraduates: 1556
Post-graduates: 886
PhD programs: Mechanical Engineering, Power Machinery & Engineering, and Transportation Engineering.
Master programs (5-semesters): Mechanical Engineering, Power Machinery & Engineering, Transportation Engineering, and Electric Power & Electronics.
Bachelor programs: Mechanical Engineering & Automation, Vehicle Engineering, Power Machinery & Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Transportation & Logistics, and FISC-Mechanical Engineering (teaching-in-English).
State level laboratories: Vehicle Transmission, Electric Vehicle, Engineering Training, Advanced Machining, Vehicle Power, Nano/Micro Laser Fabrication, and Vehicle Emission Control etc.
R&D funding (2011): RMB 160 Million.
Mr. Wenhui Fan
Assistant to the Dean
School of Mechanical Engineering
5 South Zhong Guan Cun Street
Tel. 0086 10 6891 1942
Fax: 0086 10 6891 5075
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