School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE)

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School of Materials Science & Engineering (SMSE) in Beijing Institute of Technology has been created in 2002 by merging materials-related parts from original School of Chemical Engineering and Materials (the part related to polymeric materials science and engineering), original School of Mechanical Engineering and Automation (the part related to materials science and engineering, materials molding and control engineering) and original University Center for Materials Research). 
Now SMSE has been composed with 4 different departments, namely the Department of Polymeric Materials, the Department of Metals & Inorganic Nonmetals, the Department of Materials Physics & Chemistry and the Department of Materials Processing Engineering. There are 118 full-time faculty and staff members including 1 member of Chinese Academy of Engineering, 2 Yangtze River Distinguished Scholars of the Ministry of Education, 1 winner of the National Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, 28 full professors and 41 associate professors. There are 5 majors (Polymeric Materials Science & Engineering, Materials Chemistry, Materials Science & Engineering, Materials Molding & Control Engineering and Electronic Packaging) for undergraduate students. SMSE has a right to award Master/Doctor degree to the qualified postgraduates after they have fulfilled all the training programs in the discipline of Materials Science and Engineering (including all 3 sub-disciplines in Materials Science, Materials Processing Engineering and Materials Physics & Chemistry). SMSE has enrolled ca. 160 undergraduates and 130 postgraduates each year. 
SMSE has constructed a well-developed research and teaching framework, including the National Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Materials under Shock and Impact, National Laboratory of Flame Retardant Materials, Engineering Research Center of Fire-Safe Materials and Technology (Ministry of Education). These research and teaching laboratories are furnished with state-of-the-art equipments for various materials research activities, especially in the field of energetic materials, armor & anti- armor materials, materials surface engineering, functional & flame-retardant polymers, theory and technology in materials processing, physics and chemistry for low-dimensional materials, etc. SMSE has occupied over 8,000 square meters of lab space for various staff and students use. In latest 10 years, SMSE has undertaken various projects from the State Science and Technology Ministry, National Natural Science Foundation of China, the State Education Ministry, as well as industries, and the fund per capita is over 700 000RMB each year. 
SMSE has a benign cooperation with some companies and factories all over the China and an academic relationship with some universities and institutes all over the world including the Unite States of America, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, etc. 
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