College of General Education

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The College of General Education in Liangxiang Campus was established in July 2008 and is responsible for the education and management of the first- and second-year undergraduates. The College is a highlight of a BIT education: the College explores new models of undergraduate education, aiming to help all undergraduates fulfill their potentials for success in a high-caliber research-intensive university. 
1. Educational philosophy
The College is committed to cultivating the highest standards of education and research with the emphasis on scientific and technological innovation and practice. It seeks to inculcate in students love of knowledge and discipline of mind and to educate students to work hard and thrive in every field of endeavor.
2. Leadership
Honorary Dean: Zhou Liwei (Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering)
Dean: Li Hezhang (Vice President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of BIT)
Secretary of the Party Committee of the College: Wang Yueyin
Executive Associate Dean: Zhang Qingshan
Associate Dean: Zhu Guanghui
Associate Dean: Cheng Qiyuan
Associate Dean, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College: Cong Lei
Deputy Secretary of the College Youth League Committee: Xiao Kun (Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee of BIT)
3. Organization
The College comprises four schools and two offices: the School of Mechanical and Vehicle Engineering, the School of Information and Electronics, the School of Sciences and Materials, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, the College Office, and the Accommodation Office.
4. Educational Strategies
The College gives undergraduates a high-quality educational experience that develops their abilities and values to enable them to bring into full play their strong points with the support of both teachers and counselors. It creates a climate of intellectual openness and integrity by offering diversified quality curricula and inviting professors and scholars of different fields to give lectures. The College also introduced an experimental program for science students in 2011, and has spared no effort on the program’s curriculum design and general management since then.
The College funded the construction of an innovation practice base for undergraduates, inviting teachers in and around BIT to help students to carry out innovative projects. Many projects won awards in activities including the "Challenge Cup" National University Student Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Work Competition and the National Undergraduate Innovation Forum. 

The student societies in the College help to create a good academic atmosphere and inject vitality into the campus life. Academic societies, including Mathematical Modeling Association, Mathematics Society, and Physics Society have achieved excellent results in competitions at the state and local level with outstanding performance.
The Accommodation Office is committed to preparing students for an active and balanced life and providing students with an encouraging environment for character building and development. 
(Translation by MTI candidates, BIT)
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