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The School of Distance Education was set up in 2000 with the approval of the Ministry of Education (MOE) as one of the 15 pioneering schools of modern distance education. It has been striving to provide quality online courses to all students and foster students’ self-study capacity in the e-learning environment. The school has established 55 off-campus learning centers in 22 provinces and cities all around the nation, and kept improving the supporting system for learning. The total number of students on the campus hits 33,570; 19,118 students have graduated all through the years, among whom 3,765 have got their bachelor degrees.

Serving for national defense, the school has faithfully carried out its mandate of providing quality education and training opportunities for the wider population for the nation with its excellent faculty and abundant teaching resources. A steering committee focusing on adult higher education and modern distance education has also been set up by BIT to ensure the development of different disciplines, recruit more qualified teachers and supervise the quality of online learning. Seven courses offered by the school have won the Prize of National Quality Courses and twelve have been selected as the Quality Courses of Beijing. Teachers can help their students through consultation, tutorials, assistance and inspection; under the flexible credit system and formative assessment system; students can get the convenience of choosing courses that best suit themselves, exempting themselves from some courses or exams, changing majors or even transferring to another school. To meet the needs of students at different academic stages, the school provides them with various levels of degree programs in computer science and technology, mechatronic engineering, automobile service engineering, vehicle inspection and maintenance, accounting, business administration to law, human resource management (HRM), project management (PM), information management and information system.

Collaborating with the School of Continuing Education and the School of International Cooperative Education, the school has been named as the Key National  Base for Training Teachers of Vocational Education and MOE Demonstration Base for Continuing Education. The experience got from the teaching practices has been helping the school further deliver quality modern distance education to better answer the call of establishing China’s lifelong education system and learning-oriented society.

(Translation by MTI candidates, BIT)

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