School of Humanities and Social Sciences

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   The School of Humanities and Social Sciences covers the fields of economics, law, philosophy, science and literature. After decades of development, the school has formed a multi-disciplinary and multi-level teaching system with 496 undergraduate students and 96 graduate students.

    There are two undergraduate majors in economics and social work, four master degree programs on theoretical economics and psychology, the Social Development Research Center, the Institute of Applied Psychology, and the Center of Social Intervention and Psychological Counseling for Adolescent Mental Crisis. With the improvement of its comprehensive strength, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has become an important part of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) in cultivating humanistic qualities and training professionals.

    The School of Humanities and Social Sciences has a highly qualified teaching staff of 69 people, including 59 full-time teachers, 10 professors and 23 associate professors, with one - third having overseas experiences for studies or research. It is in charge of a large number of research projects, including those of the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Social Science Foundation and the Ministry of Education, and those of Beijing, other provincial regions and ministries, with average research funds of over four million every year. The school has established partnership with more than 50 overseas universities and organizations for international exchanges and cooperation of academic research.

    The school’s teaching centers around the improvement of teaching quality, and its “Excellent Courses” program has won ​​a variety of teaching awards, including the awards of the 2009 Outstanding Teaching Team in Beijing and the 2010 National Excellent Courses.

    The school highly values the students’ creative ability and overall quality. With the emphasis on the humanistic spirit, theoretical knowledge, practical ability, and both science and arts, it has made significant achievements in social practice and science and technology innovation. Each year, many students set national innovation projects and altogether publish an average of ten papers. Among the undergraduates who graduated in 2012, 27% are pursuing their Master’s degree in China and 28.4% are studying abroad.
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