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School of Art and Design participates in exhibition in Dongseo University

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Jiang Zhishan
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    From November 3 to November 5, 2015, Sun Fei, deputy secretary and vice dean of the School of Art and Design, Xie Yong, associate professor of the Department of Industrial Design, Ma Weixing from the Department of Environmental Art Design and Wei Yuanxia, participated in the Exchange Exhibition of artworks by students and teachers. The School of Art and Design has shared a relationship of academic cooperation and exchange with Dongseo University since1999. The yearly exhibition not only propels the exchange between  two colleges but provides both sides an amazing chance to learn from each other.

    During the visit, the delegation visited the library, the Confucius Institute and the student center accompanied by staff of the Dongseo University. They also had talks and communications with the Department of Design of the Dongseo University and leaders of the school successively.

     During the talks with Dong-Whun Lee,  Ju-Ning Jang and some other teachers from the Department of the Design of the Dongseo University, the participants shared their experience inteaching, curriculum and so on.

    When visiting the leaders of the Dongseo University,president  Je-Kuk Chang expressed his appreciation on the academic exchange between  two schools in the last decade, he also looked forward to more in-depth cooperation in the academic and science research. He wished the friendship would remain and never end.

    At the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Vice PresidentCao Zengcheng of the Dongseo University and Sun Fei, deputy secretary and vice dean of the School of Art and Design addressed speech respectively. They gave full recognition to the exchanges between the two schools. They also expressed expectations of future exchange and cooperation. They expressed wishes for the progress students would make in the later study and exchange.

    Besides, Associate Professor Xie Yong gave a speech called “the Chinese Factors in Product Design” at the lecture hall of the Dongseo University. He analyzed the development trend of design at present from a global vision. He also explained on basis of his experience and understanding of design. The lecture received wide recognition from both the teachers and students.

    This visit at Dongseo University reached lots of consensuses concerning academic exchanges and academic cooperation. Both of the two schools expressed their wishes for strengthening academic cooperation, which would make contributions to talent cultivation. 
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