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【Report】Life as an international student in Liangxiang Campus

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Writer: News Agency of BIT  Shumaila Ashraf (Pakistan)
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    While choosing a university campus, many students overlook two most important factors: quality of life and environment. Many of us like to live in those campuses which are located in the heart of the city. The wish is true, as main city campuses are crowded areas with a lot of fun going activities and a large hustle and bustle. I, as a new international BIT student, have experienced the life of both campuses i-e the main campus (located in Haidian district) and Liangxiang campus (located in Fangshan district), since my 2.5 months of stay in Beijing so far. Although my most country fellows are living in the main campus, but I myself preferred to live in the new International student building in Liangxiang campus. There are many reasons for preferring this campus to live. The international student building of Linagxiang has well furnished dorms, with attached kitchens and washrooms.

    This campus is located in a rural area with a charming natural beauty and a human friendly environment. Not only its day view is appealing, but its night view has its own charm and beauty, which attracts many visitors to come here and enjoy their weekend. This campus is in a close proximity to larger metropolitan area, that provides plenty of adventure for students with in a short driving distance. There are various shopping malls and markets nearby which provide quality shopping. In addition to Chinese resturants, there are also some special resturants and food spots for muslim community.

    Liangxiang Campus also provides its inhabitants, an active life style, as there are different sports courts where one can enjoy different sports, including basketball, table tennis, real tennis and soccer. To provide the students a good and peaceful study environment, there is a big library with a variety of books and articles. A student’s center is also built here, to facilitate the students for easy shopping, recharge of their campus cards and cell credits. There are also some music studios inside the center, where different musical instruments are available for practicing music. There are some special auditoriums in the campus where “School of Design and Arts” conduct its music concerts.

     Another interesting feature of this campus is that, it is situated in a Military area where one can experience a great deal of discipline. You can also enjoy the parade of different Chinese students in Army uniform, training and flying their remote control airjets.
    In short this campus is provided with all facilities of life, which tends to offer up plenty of places where students can escape the books and hectic life of academia, for some peace and serenity.
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