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【Report】International Students’ words for the 55th Sport Meeting of BIT

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  Writer: News Agency of BIT Shami (India)

  Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Jie



  The 55th Sport Meeting, with a grand opening ceremony, was successfully held on LiangXiang Campus by Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) on 20 May, 2017.  The coordinators, teachers, and directors from the Office of International Students and also from the other Offices attended the Sport Meeting to show their sincere honour and to cheer for all the participants. As a matter of fact, the 55th Sport Meeting was more like a big get-to-know-one-and-another event for the students. Through these sports activities, both Chinese and foreign students could have got to know each other better, which was an exciting feature in this sports meeting, other than the thrill of sports. The energy at the 55th Sport Meeting was overwhelming, which is one of the goals of all forthcoming BIT sport events— making the event as enjoyable as possible. Many international students took part in various sports games and had a blast competing against their friends and fellow students.  In this sports meeting, a number of  sports activities received great attention, such as Roll the Snow Ball , Penalty Shoot-out , Shot put , Snow Bowling , Snow Boarding , 100 meter race , 400 meter race , etc.


  Polina Osadchya

  Polina Osadchaya, a beautiful 21-year-age Russian girl, currently studies for her bachelor degree of Computer science at the School of Computer Science and Engineering in BIT. Polina was active in the Roll the Snow Ball and Penalty Shooting for Girls in the 55th Sport Meeting . She has been preparing for the Sports Meeting for a whole week and during the Sports Meeting her team ranked the first in the Roll the Snow Ball . After her team won the game, she was overwhelmed and expressed her gratitude to her team for working hard on this. Also, Polina said that she joined the 55th Sports Events so as to have a full experience of the university life and to meet people. She said that the 55th Sport Meeting of BIT offers a great opportunity for her to have a better understanding of the Chinese sports culture.

  During the interview, Polina also talked about how life in BIT works out for her. She said that she is very happy with BIT as it provides many opportunities for international students and takes care of them well. BIT has given her an opportunity to found her own volleyball team and for that she is grateful.


  Khalid Akbar

  Pakistani Khalid Akbar, who graduated from Tsinghua University, is currently a PhD student at the School of Mechanical Engineering in BIT. Khalid was very sporty in the 55th Sport Meeting. He took part in the Penalty Shooting, Roll the Snow Ball, and 100 meter race.  Khalid Akbar’s team swept the floor with other teams in the Roll the Snow Ball and he also said that he performed rather well in Penalty shooting , but didn’t do as well as he expected in the 100 meter race.  At the end of Interview, Khalid said that he had a very nice time in this year’s Sport Meeting and would engage in more activities like this.



  Tumysheva Ines

  Tumysheva Ines is beautiful and vibrant girl who comes from Kazakhstan. She is pursuing her Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering in BIT. In the field of sports, she especially likes running. Although she did not engage in any events in this year’s Sport Meeting, Ines took part in the 55th Sport Meeting as a sport volunteer. She said, being a volunteer for the Sports Meeting felt just like competing in those sports events, which was an amazing and thrilling experience.

  Ines also talked about her life in BIT during the interview and she really believes that BIT is a good choice for her academically.




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