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Brief Introduction on Sports Department

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    As a teaching unit, the Sports Department of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) undertakes the teaching task of all the undergraduates’ sports class. And meanwhile, it has been actively organizing all kinds of mass sports activities, firmly supporting a wide range of sports associations and societies of BIT to hold various activities. It will provide some helpful and professional advices for them as well. The Sports Department is also in charge of the training task and performance of four high-level sports teams, which is represented by the men’s football team. The Sports Department dedicated itself to strengthening the physical education and the construction of sports teacher staff. Now the Sports Department has 38 staff members, the number of professional teachers is 35, among which 2 are professors, 15 are vice-professors and 1 is doctor.
   Beijing Institute of Technology will stick to the sports teaching mode of integrity of “in-and-out class”. The teaching of sports class has achieved “three independences” (i.e. students can select courses independently, select teachers independently, select the time of attending course independently). Besides, the focus of teaching content transferred from physical skill training to the new "experience education" which is filled with ideas, challenges and fun. According to their own interests, students can join in the sports courses spontaneously and find one or several sports game that suits themselves. Eventually their interests will help them to build their bodies and finally benefit the students all their lifetime. To adapt to the students’ taste, the Sports Department has opened 35 courses in total, among which, yoga, wildness survival, body-building, skidding, physique, Kong Fu fan, Taichi, Pilates are hugely popular.
    Depending on the faculty and led by the sports association, the “out-class” sports courses have hold a number of colorful mass sports activities. The P.E. teachers go deep among the masses to direct and support the faculties and associations with their expertise. By cooperating with the Students Union and Graduates Union, they successively hold the “Yanhe Cup”, “Gongqing Cup”, “Freshmen Cup” and some other traditional football and basketball matches. The Sports Department firmly supports some excellent sports association to take part in the municipal and national competitions. BIT has won the Beijing College Students’ Sunlight Sports League Evaluation Award Unit for years.
    The performance of four high-level sports teams of BIT is marvelous. The track team has kept in Top 4 in the Capitol University Sports Meeting. Several team members once represented Beijing to participate in the Chinese University Games, represented China to take part in the World University Games and presented great performance. Wushu team always kept in Top 2 for years in the competitions between Beijing universities. Women’s basketball team overcame the short of hands and kept in the Top 5 in the Beijing University Basketball Championship. Men’s football team is the only students’ team that once attended the national professional soccer tournament. This team has won the champion of “Lining Cup” National Collegiate Football League for five times and represented Chinese college students to attend the Universidad and won No.7 twice. Now the students’ team has competed in the National Class-A League for six years. Their ability to “play football with brain”, their spirits of fighting and their fantastic performance has become a great calling card of BIT. The idea of this team which has glorious heritage is to explore a new way that combines sports with education, sports should go back in the arms of education.
    The Sports Department open the gymnasium completely, which provides ideal conditions for university’s education and training, which builds a great stage for teachers and students to participate in the national fitness program, which offers an admirable environment for BIT to hold some large activities.


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