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The Educational Fund of BIT(Beijing Institute of technology)

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  Established in 2010,EFB(The Educational Fund of BIT)is a non-profit organization of Chinese higher education,which has formal registration in China’s civil affairs ministry. The competent business unit of EFB is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, which is a vigorous and fast-developing new force of a non-public offering foundation.

Our goal:
   This foundation is devoted to strengthening the link and cooperation between BIT and all walks of life both at home and abroad, collecting educational force of different walks of life, raising all sorts of social educational donation. We will insist our school mission---“Understanding different principles with good virtues,studying to sharpen different skills”---and spend all the donation on personnel training,scientific study and community services to contribute to the social development and human welfare.

  Our fund accepts voluntary donation of enterprises, social groups and individuals overseas, and the donation of institutes, social groups and individuals from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and the donation of institutes, social groups and individuals from China.

Our promises:

• The donation will be used on the public benefit activities as the donators’ wishes.
• The donator will get a certification if the donation is over 1000 RMB.
• The donator will become the member of Board of BIT, if the donation is over 500 thousand RMB.
• No matter how much you have donated to BIT, EFB will give you the formal invoices or financial receipts, and we can sign an agreement on the paper to record the donation, the intension of donator and the promises of EFB. We will keep the list of the names of donators in archives.
• On some programs of donation. eg. infrastructure construction, positions of teachers, laboratory,scholarship etc. If the donation is up to the certain amount, donators can name it.
• The groups or individuals who offered the donation will have the priority to use the superior educational and scientific sources of BIT and have the priority to be entitled to the rights of cooperation.

Our services:
  The donation will be used to support the cause of education. It will be used to improve the teaching facilities including buildings, apparatus, books and reference material, etc. It will also be used to award the elite teachers and students, to help the poverty-stricken students in the college, to sponsor the technological innovation and academic competition of students,to sponsor the researches in basic science and studies of teaching and the publication of works, and to sponsor teachers to go abroad for further study and attend conferences about academic collaboration.
   For the certain programs, we can use the donation as the donators’ wishes. We insist the principle---“specification, security, and effectiveness “, and we will offer perfect management to all kinds of donation according to the intensions of donators and the tenet of EFB. We will keep the donators well-informed about the use of donation.

   EFB sincerely hopes to get the support from domestic and foreign enterprises, all kinds of institutions and social groups and all walks of life.


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