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2016 Excellent International Students Commendation Meeting of BIT and 2017 New Year Party are Held Successfully

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Translator:  News Agency of BIT Lv Yuetong

Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Jie




  On the afternoon of January 5, 2016 excellent international students commendation meeting of BIT was held in the Cultural and Artistic Center (which is on the fourth floor of New Canteen in Zhongguancun campus). Principal assistant of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) Prof. Long Teng, leaders of all departments, representatives of international students’ mentors and one thousand international students from more than one hundred countries attended the meeting together.


  The commendation meeting began with the song “I Love You China” performed by a student from Zimbabwe Zhao Shengli. The director of the Office of International Students Wang Yin hosted  the commendation meeting and invited everyone to watch the video “2016 Full Record of Studying Abroad in BIT” to make them learn about the work BIT has done and achievements BIT has made in the education for overseas students.


  Prof. Long Teng gave credit for the growth of overseas students’ scale and the improvement of internationalization of school-running. He expressed sincere thanks to students from 122 different countries, international student mentors, college departments that are responsible for the management of international students and hope everyone keep working. He said, BIT will strongly support the development of education for international students and compose a new chapter in the following year.


  Dean of the School of Software Prof. Ding Gangyi and Prof. Wang Bo from the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, on behalf of each school and the mentors respectively, delivered speeches to encourage students to study hard in BIT, make use of favorable conditions provided by BIT to learn Chinese culture, and facilitate cultural exchanges between China and the world. Besides, as the excellent international student representatives, Meng Tianyu from South Africa and  Ma Si from Germany made a vivid speech about their stories of studying in BIT which moved all attendants.




  Thirty-four excellent international students with highest grades and outstanding performances, and twenty-three students who won prizes in Beijing and nationwide competitions selected this year were awarded with certificates. In 2016, international students actively participated in various cultural activities and competitions and made great achievements, which have won the honor for BIT. Among them, Pakistan students Saeed and A Shi collected the title of “National Excellent International Student” and Pakistan student Oga, together with other five students won first, third prizes and excellence award in “Beijing and I” writing competition, which was targeted at international students in Beijing and was organized by Beijing Association For Friendship With Foreign Countries. Besides, South African student Meng Tianyu won third prize in “Shining Youth in A Foreign Country” the 5th international students writing and reciting competition. What’s more, BIT international students  martial art team won second prize for group, the prize of online popularity and prize for excellent organization in  2016 International Students’ Martial Art Competition.


  After the award ceremony, “The Belt and Road” 2017 new year party of studying abroad in BIT officially started. All performances by students from countries along ancient Silk Road fully showed talents and colorful spiritual life of international students. Due to  martial art electives opened by BIT, performances of international students’  martial art team shocked the audience and promoted the Chinese culture. Dances from Central Asia, West Asia and Europe showed us the charm of exoticism. Chorus and gumboot dance performed by South African students, the first group of students selected by South African government who have won merit scholarship, showed us wild African culture. It seemed as if we were brought to beautiful Southeast Asia by traditional drum with passionate and untrammeled Indian dance from South Asia and graceful dance from Laos. When we followed the footsteps of the Silk Road back to China again, the dance performed by teachers of International Student Center gained the cheers of students. Dance and song “Happiness of the Reunion” performed by students from eighteen countries such as Germany, Poland, Nigeria and so on brought the party to a climax. To audiences’ surprise, students even lined up in the formation of “BIT” to express their love for our campus.




  The new year party ended successfully with the song “Me and My Country” by student Zhao Shengli. After that, both teachers and students took photos to capture those beautiful moments with hope for  reunion at next year’s party.

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