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Deputy prime minister and ambassador of Grenada visited BIT

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Translator: News Agency of BIT Li Qiong
Editor: News Center of BIT Zhao Jie




  In the afternoon of June 27th, 2017, deputy prime minister and foreign minister of Grenada Elvin Nimrod along with Grenada ambassador to China Denis G. Antoine visited BIT. Chairman of BIT Council Zhao Changlu met the guests at the conference room.




  Zhao welcomed the visit of Minister Nimrod and Ambassador Antoine and introduced our university to them. He said, as China’s Key university, the mission of BIT is to cultivate high-quality talents. In the age of globalization, BIT keeps a close eye on the international academic frontier and adopts an international strategy to run the university, so that the number and quality of foreign students are significantly increased and improved. Serving for the needs of national strategy, BIT cultivates many talents with a great grasp of engineering technology and international perspective. The excellent students from Grenada awarded their master degrees at BIT this year. They are the first batch of alumni at BIT from Grenada and expected to be the bridge linking China and Grenada. BIT will keep contact with Grenadian embassy and expand more cultural and educational projects. 




  Minister Nimrod appreciated the warm welcome of Zhao. He spoke highly of the support of BIT towards Grenadian education and said, as a top university of China even of the world, BIT’s meticulous cultivation of Grenadian students showed the great development trend between two countries. He hoped that, the first batch of Grenadian students graduating from BIT could promote BIT after returning home. He wanted to send more outstanding students to pursue their studies in BIT.




  Ambassador Antoine expressed, Grenada would continue to cooperate with BIT at the aspect of education. He hoped that, the communication of scholars from China and Grenada at the field of aerospace and communication technology could be strengthened. 




  After the meeting, Minister Nimrod and Ambassador Antoine visited the Office of International Students in BIT.




  Commercial Agent of Grenadian embassy Charles Liu participated in the visit. Participants of the meeting of BIT are dean of the school of law Li Shouping, director of the Office of International Students Wang Ying, vice director of the Office of International Students Zhao Kun, vice director of the Office of International Affairs Xing Qingqing, project manager Peng Shu, project specialist Wu Di and members of the first group of Grenadian students.

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