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Beijing Institute of Technology cooperates with Florida Institute of Technology on astronomy and seeks for bilateral development.

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      News Source: News Agency of BIT

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Chen Ruoheng


  On April 25th, chairman of Florida Institute of Technology, Professor Dawyne McCay and associate vice-President Pei-feng Hsu visited BIT. Chairman of BIT Zhang Jun academician and vice-president, professor Li Hezhang met them at the Zhongguancun Campus.


  Zhang Jun gave a warm welcome to chairman Dwayne Mcway for his visit to BIT once again. He said that aerospace technology is a high-technology which is focused by countries all over the world. With the development of the communication on aerospace technology between China and America, the development of astronomy in BIT and FIT is also at a high speed. He also said that both of the two schools has given big contributions on personnel training and scientific research to astronomy. He stressed that since the two schools share a good foundation of cooperation, he hoped that we can build a joint research institute together on the foundation of Space and Law Center of BIT and promote the students joint training and teacher and students from each school visiting each other. By doing these, they can reserve excellent people with a worldwide view for the cooperation and development on aerospace between China and America, and make great contribution to developing the firmament for the human.


  Chairman McCay firstly thanked for the welcome from BIT. He appreciated on the achievement BIT has made on astronomy and serving for the society development. He also introduced some preponderant disciplines in FIT, and raised some collaborating suggestion in detail on space policy research and other fields. He expressed that he will do his best to push the communication and collaboration between the two schools. He hoped that we can contribute to human aerospace industry together.


  Zhang Jun and McCay on behalf of their university signed the agreement on building space policy research organization together. President of Law School Li Shouping, head of International Exchange and Cooperation Office Tang Shuiyuan also attended the meeting.

  Florida Institute of Technology is a top research university in America, as well as one of the most famous colleges of science and engineering in the south of America. FIT was built in 1958 by the expert team of NASA. It has a strong atmosphere of science and engineering. FIT is famous for its aerospace science, engineering science. science, psychology and business science. It is also a famous research center of outer space science, energy dynamic, electric work engineering, air vehicle, rocket and satellite. It can give over 180 academic degree program, including PhD degrees in 24 majors. The school sets school of engineering, science, business and psychology and humanity. According to the American colleges ranking by U.S. News & World Report, FIT is ranking at 151, engineering major(PhD) is ranking at 162.

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