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Renowned scholars from US, Russia, France and Sweden visits BIT

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  From April 16 to May 20, at the invitation of the National Key Laboratory of Explosive Science and Technology, Professor Marc A Meyers of the University of California San Diego, Dr. Cang Zhao of the American Argonne National Laboratory, Professor V.p.sinditskii of the Russian Mendeleev Chemical University, Professor Ahmed Mebarki of Université de Paris-Est Marne-La-Vallée and Professor Liberman of the Royal Swedish Institute of Technology to Beijing Institute of Technology for academic exchanges and visits.

  During the visit, the laboratory has organized 5 excellent academic reports. Professor Marc A Meyers described the high-energy short pulse laser irradiation on solid material surface, which, in a very short time (in nanoseconds) could generate dozens even hundreds of shock waves to and decay rapidly along the propagation direction. The use of this technology can produce a very high strain rate that cannot be achieved by other means of verification. Professor V.p.sinditskii, according to the thermochemistry, thermal decomposition and combustion explosion behavior problems of energetic compounds, put forward the analysis and testing methods combining thermo-analysis technology and pressure-measuring technology, and explained the reasons for the difference in performance of these compounds. In his report, Professor Ahmed Mebarki took disasters like fire explosion and tsunami as examples and introduced the spread of the disaster and the domino effect. These reports focused on the international frontier research topics in the dynamic mechanical behavior of materials under extreme loads, the design theory of high-energy blunt explosives and so on. The report, which aroused the great interest of teachers and students, has been warmly welcomed and has been discussed heatedly by experts and scholars.


  During the visit, the experts and scholars visited some laboratories of the National Key laboratory of explosion science and technology in Zhong Guan Cun campus, and made a high evaluation of some original results obtained in the laboratory in terms of dynamic mechanical behavior of energetic materials and materials, and discussed with Chen Pengwan, Dean of School of Mechatronical Engineering, about the "Outside special thousand people plan", the international cooperation and exchange and the personnel training.

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