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International students from BIT achieved success at ECIS

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       Translator: News Agency of BIT Chen Zhehui

       Editor: News Center of BIT


       The second Essay Competition for International Students (ECIS) was held successfully in July,2018, sponsored by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges (CSCSE). This competition was well organized by Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). International students from BIT took active parts in the completion, more than 60 students from 30 countries contributed actively. They achieved great success with 1 first prize, 2 third prizes and 3 outstanding prizes.


       Based on personal experience, students from BIT narrated ideas of developments and changes happened in China and shared their sincere feelings.




       Luo Shiyun from Vietnam won first prize with her essay “Welcome to Beijing”. Her undisguised love to Beijing was full of sincerity. “I love every street, every corner and everywhere I have been to in Beijing. Beijing is a city worth feeling by yourself and China is a great country deserving a visit.”


       Shi Kai from Zimbabwe said his meet with China was as beautiful as first love: “Beijing will always remain in my memory as she is like a beautiful and fragrant flower.”



       Wang Ming came from Nigeria oversea to Beijing, since he believed that it has the best universities of China that everyone could find one’s own stage. Living in Beijing, he felt that “It’s great to have friends coming from afar” and “The only regret of delayed experience”.


       Dedal, a Kazakhstan student, recalled in “My new life” her curious and nervous feeling when she first came to BIT, warm and friendly classmates with different characters from all over the world and unforgettable funny stories learning Chinese. She added, “I really like my life in China! I really like China!”


     A Russian girl, Anna, wrote, “Every moment in Beijing is just like a fairy tale: Warm and friendly Bejingers, various food streets…it’s like a dream world. Beijing is the Yuelao contacting me with China. I love Beijing and I believe I can achieve all my dreams there.”