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Latest research findings published in INFORMS Journal on Computing (UT-Dallas 24 Journals)by special researcher Zhang Yuli from BIT

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    Translator:  News Agency of BIT, Luo Yuxi

    Editor: News Agency of BIT

  Recently, a research result titled “Exact Algorithms for Distributionally β-Robust Machine Scheduling with Uncertain Processing Times” was published in INFORMS Journal on Computing. The first author is researcher Zhang Yuli from School of Management and Economics, together with professor Sheng Zuojun from University of California, Berkeley, professor Song Shiji from Tsinghua University and others.

  Aiming at the dispatching question in the uncertain environment, this research has provided a stochastic robust optimization model based on the Being-robust criterion. As a breakthrough, it came up with a highly effected calculating method—Parametric Search, to work out this kind of nonlinear discrete optimization model. Just by searching one-dimensional parametric space and solving a small number of linear optimization problems, this method can get the optimal solution of the origin question. It avoids the difficulty of branch-and-bound in multidimensional discrete space when using traditional methods. As the matter of expecting, it has calculating complexity in polynomial time. Computational experiments showed that this method can improve existing efficiency of calculating by several orders of magnitudes.

  INFORMS Journal on Computing is a quarterly magazine of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences(INFORMS), publishing about 50 papers each year. It’s one of the UT-Dallas 24 Journals. The UT-Dallas 24 Journals is a catalogue of 24 top and authoritative journals judged by University of Texas, Dallas. It is an important reference frame in the analyzing of the research abilities of international commercial college, which has highly international recognition. Meanwhile, it’s also a great reference condition in the judgment of key talent programs of National Natural Science Foundation of China Management Science department, National Department of Education management and so on.

  Paper information:
Zhang, Yuli, Zuo-Jun Max Shen, and Shiji Song. Exact Algorithms for Distributionally β-Robust Machine Scheduling with Uncertain Processing Times. INFORMS Journal on Computing 30.4 (2018): 662-676.


【Brief introduction of the author】
Zhang Yuli, associate professor, doctoral supervisor and special investigator from School of Management and Economics, has research interests in the fields of Logistics Optimization, Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Management and so on. His researches have been funded by Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, Academic Launch Program for Young Teachers of BIT and other science research projects. His researches have been published in Production and Operations Management (the UT-Dallas 24 Journals), Transportation Research Part B: Methodological, European Journal of Operational Research and other academic journals.


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