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IEEE Fellow Yu Wang Invited by School of Computer Science and Technology of BIT for Academic Exchange

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    Translator:  News Center of BIT,  Chen Ruoheng

    Editor:  News Center of BIT

  On Nov. 15, 2018, IEEE Fellow Professor Yu Wang from University of North Carolina was invited by the School of Computer Science and Technology of BIT to deliver a lecture titled “21st Century Academic Frontier”. The meeting was hosted by Professor Liu Chi, associate dean of the school. Over 40 young teachers and students attended the meeting.

  Professor Yu Wang presented his lecture entitled “Participant’s Selection Algorithm in Crowd and Participatory Sensing”. During the lecture, he introduced the origin, developing background and main applications of technology of crowd and participatory sensing in detail, which ensures the data quality and users’ privacy based on the selection algorithm. After the meeting, he replied to related questions asked by teachers and students.

[About Professor Yu Wang]
       Yu Wang is now professor of the Department of Computer Science in University of North Carolina at Charlotte. He obtained his doctor’s degree in Illinois Institute of Technology and his bachelor and master’s degree in Tsinghua University. His research fields include wireless network and mobile social networking. He has conducted several projects of National Science Fund, Department of Defense and so on, as well as published over 200 academic papers and acquired the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, who was also selected as IEEE Fellow.

[About University of North Carolina at Charlotte]
       University of North Carolina at Charlotte, short for UNCC, was once called Charlotte Center built in 1946. The initial purpose for it was providing the veterans from the Second World War with education they needed. Now it has become a comprehensive research-oriented university whose education system shares the fame of the best university system in US with that of the University of California. The university is located at Charlotte, the biggest city as well as the financial center in North Carolina. It is also the most famous institution in Charlotte for its strong research and education quality. University of North Carolina at Charlotte is the fourth biggest university among 16 universities of University of North Carolina Systems. The university possesses nine schools, setting up 18 doctoral majors, 62 master majors and 90 bachelor majors, all of which have passed the national identification. It is regarded as the senior national university by US News. In 2016, UNCC ranked 191st comprehensively, of which public affairs major ranks 59th in whole America and many other majors in UNCC also come out among the best.

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