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Delegation from Monash University Led by professor Wray Buntine Invited to BIT for Academic Communication

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  On the morning of Nov.19 ,2018, the delegation from Monash University which involves Professor Wary Buntine, Dr. Du Lan and Dr. Zhao,was invited by Institute of Language Intelligence and Social Computing in the School of Computer Science of BIT for academic communication and report. Dr. Jian Ping hosted the report. Over 30 professors, scholars and students have attended it.

  Dr. Du Lan gave a speech in the report, which was entitled "Modelling text data with auxiliary information". During his lecture, Dr. Du introduced the development of Topic Model and the latest research results systematically and talked about how to integrate semantic categories between text categories and words as meta information into topic models carefully. He also mentioned how to model structural relationships between & within topics through topic stratification and subtopic forms. The two models brought by Dr. Du both can prove the quality and precision of Topic Model. The two models offer some novel conceptions as well as a good idea for solving the problem of the interpretability of neural network models in deep learning.

  During the Q&A time, Dr. Du answered the questions of teachers and students patiently and gave them reasonable advices combining with his own scientific research experience. Professor Wary Buntine offered elaborate guidance on how to select the suitable research direction and produce high-level academic achievements, from which attendants benefitted a lot. The visit of the delegation led by professor Wary Buntine not only broadened the horizons of students as well as enhancing the communication, but also laid the foundation for further academic cooperation between the two sides.


[Personal Profile]
      Wray Buntine, Professor, has been a full-time professor at Monash University since 2014; he had carried out semantic search projects at NICTA, Helsinki Institute of Information Technology and worked at NASA Ames Research Center, University of California at Berkeley, Google, etc. He is committed to the theoretical study of probabilistic methods and its application in the fields of document and text analysis, social networking, data mining and machine learning.
      Du Lan, doctor, data science lecturer, tutor of Ph.D. students, currently is working at the School of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia. He obtained his first-class honor bachelor’s degree and Ph.D. degree from the Australian National University in 2007 and 2012 respectively. From 2012 to 2015, he worked at the Natural Language Processing Center at Macquarie University, Australia. He joined Monash University in Sep. 2015. His main research direction is statistical machine learning and its application in text analysis, graph schematic learning, relationship learning, social network analysis, etc. He has published more than 35 papers on top conference/journals, including NIPS, ICML, AIDATES, AAAI, ACL, TPMI, etc. Meanwhile, he has also served or is a member of the Program Committee of many International Top Conferences on Machine Learning, Data Mining and Natural Language Processing.

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