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BIT Attends Principal Joint Meeting of E9 and Sino-British Principal Forum

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    Translator:  Wu Yushan & Lv Rong, News Agent of BIT

    Editor:  News Center of BIT

  On Nov.23, the Ninth Principal Joint Conference of Excellent 9(E9) and Presidents’ Forum of UK-China University Consortium on Engineering Education and Research was held at Southeast University. President Zhang Jun of Beijing Institute of Technology, president Zhang Zongyi of Chongqing University, president Guo Dongming of Dalian University of Technology, president Zhang Guangjun of Southeast University, president Zhou Yu of Harbin Institute of Technology, president Gao Song of South China University of Technology, president Zhong Denghua of Tianjin University, president Zhang Jie of Tongji University and the executive vice-president Huang Wei of Northwestern Polytechnical University attended this forum as well as president Ian Greer and vice-president Mark Price from Queen's University Belfast, vice-president Robin Mason from University of Birmingham, CEO Tim Bradshaw from The Russell Group, and Ma Xuning, the Area Director East China of British Council, British Consulate-General in Shanghai. Other attendants include representatives of British universities such as University of Cambridge, University of Leeds, University of Liverpool, University of Warkwick and the representatives of Tokyo Institute of Technology. The forum was hosted by Wang Baoping, the executive vice-president of Southeast University.

  At the opening ceremony, Zhang Guangjun, on behalf of the E9, welcomed all the presidents and the guests present at the forum. He said that in the new era, the higher education in China not only encounters the golden opportunity of high-speed development, but also faces the new challenges of both intensive development and high quality. He hoped that the E9 can work together to build an omni-directional, multi-level and wide-ranging pattern of the communication and cooperation between Chinese and British universities as well as make greater contribution to promoting the development of global society and leading the progress of human civilization.

  In the forum of principals, Zhang Jun delivered a speech whose issue was focused on "Opportunities and Challenges Faced by China and Britain's Higher Education in the Era of Globalization”. He indicated that there exist rapid development in Sino-British trade and cultural exchanges in the context of globalization and the education cooperation between the two countries has entered the best period, but simultaneously it was faced with new challenges. The first one is the unbalance of the student exchanges. The number of Chinese students studying in the UK is much higher than the number of counterparts from the UK. The second is that the quality of foreign students is not uniform, and the amount of high level international students is relatively small. The third is that the development of information technology has brought the changes in the educational mode, and the speculative classes and practical classes had a huge hit on traditional education.

  Aiming at the facing challenges, president Zhang Jun comes up with the coping solutions with the BIT actuality combined. He emphasizes that, with the educational cooperation constantly going deeper, the universities consortium ought to work together so as to aim at the higher goal and then overcome the challenges. Firstly, free our minds as well as make innovation modes. We need to establish a student communication platform beyond teaching to strengthen the interactive communication and comprehension; Secondly, make a long-term program and balanced development. By allocating mechanism and resources better, we can expand the scale of high-quality talent exchange between China and UK, pay more attention to cultivating students’ abilities on interdisciplinarity and cultural communication, and lastly promote the international view; Thirdly, make full and complimentary advantages. We face varieties of global issues such as global warming, peaceful use of outer space, peaceful development of ocean, therefore building the bridge for cooperation among students, universities along with countries, and intensifying the core of engineering education by conducting consistent actions.

  On the presidents’ joint conference held soon afterwards, the 2018 chairman-in-office of the E9 Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), presents the working summary from 2017 to 2018 on behalf of the alliance, additionally passes on the flag of the E9 to the 2019 host university——Southeast University (SEU). SEU reports the 2018-2019 yearly work plan on behalf of E9. The presidents present declare that, in the past few years, E9 has made numerous and fruitful achievements under the concerted effort of each member university. The future development of E9 is going to center around the national development strategy along with the demand of the development of higher education, also reinforce internal communication and foreign cooperation on the basis of the existing work, so can we promote the“ Double Tops” construction and make much more contributions for the national development by exploring ways to cooperate in talent cultivation, teaching stuff construction, scientific research and international communication.

  All the attendees watch the E9 documentary《Assuming Responsibility, Pursuing Excellence》, glancing at the process and achievements since the E9 was established, and paying their respect and gratitude to the school leadership, teachers, students, and friends from all sectors of the society who have made great contributions to the E9.