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4631 Teachers and Students of BIT Participated in the Celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of PRC

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  Beijing Institute of TechnologyOct 4, 2019: On October 1st, the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) was held with grandeur in Beijing, the capital of China. Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) has organized 4631 teachers and students to participate in it actively. Among them, there were 14 students gloriously participating in the Parade Reserve Team, and only 2 universities’ students (which are not the military academies) participated in the National Day’s Military parade; 3499 teachers and students formed a formation during the National Day mass pageantry with the theme of “Keeping pace with the times”; 33 international teachers and students participated in the 32th formation of the National Day mass pageantry; 81 teachers and students participated in the National Day celebrations performing in the live music area; with the theme of “Concentric dreams”, 370 teachers and students performed in the National Day evening gala; 361 teachers and students did volunteer work in security, transportation, catering, and other jobs; 112 teachers and students  participated in the welcome event of the national medals and honorary titles of the People's Republic of China. 161 The teachers and students took on the security inspection and nursing tasks of the National Day mass demonstrations.. BIT is the university that the most teachers and students participated in the National Day celebrations.


  School highly valued various student tasks related to the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the founding of PRC, adhered to the leadership of the party committee, implement responsibility system, promote work in an all-round way and escort the smooth development of various tasks. What’s more, school comprehensively promote work to escort for the smooth running of each task. CPC Office of University Administrations strengthened organizational leadership and established work leading group; improved the working system and set up a directed working organization; promoted work in an orderly manner, and planed carefully in advance. University leaders participated in the whole process, the teachers and students united together, and the various offices cooperated with each other to form a joint strength. During the training, Zhao Changlu, chairman of the University Council, president Zhang Jun, vice president Wang Xiaofeng and Li Hezhang, vice chairman of the University Council Bao Liying, assistant to the president Wang Bencong and Yang Yazheng and other university leaders have repeatedly visited the work site, training ground , and joint inspection acceptance site for work guidance, mobilization speech, greetings and care.


  On July 29, school held a swearing ceremony for the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC. Chairman of the University Council Zhao Changlu handed the flags to various teams, and made a speech to mobilize the majority of the participating students. He told about the glorious deeds that teachers and students of BIT have never missed previous National Day celebrations and have successfully completed various tasks with their wisdom and sweat. He encouraged students to strengthen their ideals and beliefs, cultivate the feelings of the family and the country, and temper the quality of will to take on the mission of the times given by the CPC and our country.


  On September 26, school held a ceremony for mobilization of the students who would be on their way to the front of the celebrations. President Zhang Jun made a special mobilization report for those students who were going campaigning. In this report, Zhang reviewed the development history of the CPC and the development history of BIT, and described the mission of the era for BIT, which is never to forget the initial heart to follow the Party and have ardent love for our country. He encouraged teachers and students to cultivate the feelings of the country, inherit the spirit of struggle, and successfully complete the National Day mission in the best state.


  In the process of formulating training implementation programs and practical training, based on the “scientific and precise training” and “high-level, full-process guidance”, the school insists on the combination of accurate requirements and precise training, and adhering to high-level guidance and high-standard requirements, and also the combination of input training and emotional expressions to ensure the training tasks and multiple acceptance, exercise activities are standardized and efficient, and scientifically completed.


  The school runs through the ideological and political education from the beginning to the end, showing the good spiritual outlook of the people in BIT. Adhering to the fundamental task of establishing morality and cultivating people, closely following the theme patriotism and the significant opportunity of the National Day, and education activities with the theme of “ I struggle for my motherland” and “ Take on the responsibility of revitalization and be a new person of the times”, BIT designed the training process as a profound patriotism education experienced by teachers and students.


  Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and professor Sun Fengchun of our school gave a lecture on the " Excellent engineering, Love the Party, Requite the motherland – BIT, The Source of Electric Vehicles in China " for all the teachers and students. Through the four “1” things, which are teaching well in the 1st ideological and political class, setting up the 1st flag, telling the story of BIT on the 1st National Day, and doing well in daily ideological and political small segment, the school encouraged teachers and students to enjoy learning, singing, speaking and doing in our everyday lives. As a result, it enriched the training life of the students and stimulated patriotism and pride, and created the main atmosphere of the positive energy and main melody of our society.


  BIT planed systematically and carefully, and kept improving the service guarantee work. CPC Office of University Administrations made overall plans and coordinated the resources of all aspects, and realized the conditions guarantee for the students participating in the training, the safety guarantee for daily training, and the operational guarantee for the work, which ensured that all tasks were completed on time and efficiently, the training and education were carried out interactively, and the school could scientifically arrange students’ curriculums during the small semester to make sure students' learning and training are carried out simultaneously and promote each other.

  Inheriting the red gene of our revolutionary spirit, carrying forward the glorious tradition, training hard, and shouldering the great responsibility bravely, 4631 teachers and students of BIT handed over wonderful answers to the motherland. They used their actual actions to praise the motherland and reported to the motherland with youth! They interpreted how and what is to undertake missions with struggle!

News Source: Office of Students’ Affairs

Editor: News Center of BIT

Translator: Han Yu, News Agency of BIT

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