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A Visit to BIT Zhuhai Campus

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In order to keep up with China’s higher education’s development in the 21st century and meet the challenge and opportunity in higher education brought by the economic globalization and China’s entry to the WTO, Beijing Institute of Technology established the Zhuhai Campus in the city of Zhuhai, Guangdong Province on May 9, 2004, with the approval of the National Ministry of Education.

BIT Zhuhai Campus is a comprehensive institute based on the high-quality education resource and subject brands of BIT, in light of BIT’s outstanding education notion, administrative tradition and teaching experience. While maintaining its great strength on engineering, the institute has a harmonious development of engineering, science, management, humanities, economics, law, and art. At present, Zhuhai Campus focuses its work on the undergraduate education in China but will gradually carry out graduate education, international joint programs, continuous education and all kinds of occupation education, trying to cultivate competitive talented people to meet the need for human resource both at home and abroad.

The Campus is located at the Tangjia Bay in the city of Zhuhai, the beautiful Zhujiang River Delta, with an area of 5000 mu. It lies against the Chihua Mountain, adjacent to the Zhuhai Campus of Beijing Normal University.

The Campus is greened by pines, lychees and bamboos, decorated with shallow pond and green lake, peaceful and elegant, making up an ideal environment for teaching and study.

The Campus contains sufficient living facilities such as dinning-halls, shopping stores, bookstores and so on. The teaching buildings, labs, libraries, computer center, language laboratories and campus network as well as other teaching facilities are all well equipped. 

 In adherence to the spirit of "Unity, Diligence, Practicality, and Innovation" of BIT, the Zhuhai Campus is trying to construct a harmonious atmosphere with both the spirit of science and humanities in which many new-era college students with healthy personality and the spirit of respecting science and pursuing truth will be cultivated. There are more than 20 students’ communities in academics, entertainment, art, sports or practice, attracting many students to join on the campus. In addition, various competitions of sports, singing, software design, drawing and photography as well as the newspaper and radio station promoted by the students themselves enrich the students’ extracurricular life.

BIT pays great attention to the Campus’ construction and education quality. It selects experienced officials to take in charge of administration and service for teaching and students at Zhuhai Campus. Zhuhai Campus holds a faculty with high academic level, abundant teaching experience and strong responsibility. Besides the professors and experts from BIT and many distinguished teachers from other famous universities, the Campus also retained some foreign teachers with good educational background and working experience to strengthen the teaching quality and assure there are professors outside BIT to teach in every specialty. 

In 2005, the Campus recruited 2500 students into 14 specialties of 4 schools. In the future, the Campus will assimilate its subject setup and syllabi to BIT headquarter by gradually setting up School of Information Science & Technology, School of Mechanical & Vehicle Engineering, School of Chemical & Material Science, School of Management & Economics, School of Art & Design and School of Foreign Languages. According to the Campus’ blueprint for the future four or five years, BIT Zhuhai Campus will develop into 700,000 square kilometers campus size, holding 20,000 students on the campus. It will grow up rapidly in south China with the characteristics of science and technology.


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