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News Agency of BIT held translation training

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Writer: News Agency of BIT
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    News Agency of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) held a training about tips and rules of translation on the afternoon of Dec.2nd, 2014 in the conference room of School of Liberal Arts. The training was conducted by Cao Li from School of Foreign Languages. The purpose of this activity was to make students from translation department gain a clear understanding of translation and learn translation skills,  for a higher quality of translated passages posted on the English website of BIT.

    Professor Cao started with pointing out some problems of the translations students from translation department had made. The primary problem is that students do not understand the true meaning of translation. Students tend to simply replace the Chinese characters with English words, which makes the passage illogical and the main idea inexplicit. Secondly, students are not careful enough. They have difficulties finding the materials which are worth using for reference. Therefore, there are several wrong expressions in the translation. At last, students fail to notice the differences between the formats, paragraphs and patterns of Chinese news and English news, which also affects the quality of their translations.

    Afterwards, professor Cao stressed the key points of translations: straightforwardness, concision and significance. She emphasized that English news had to be straightforward and that we should focus on the news itself. Besides, simple and concise expressions are preferred because of the ongoing “Plain English Campaign”. Moreover, significant information should be put at the beginning of the news.

     After the training, there was a question-and-answer part, students of translation department heartily asked a lot of questions and professor Cao answered one by one. Students expressed gratitude to professor Cao and said that they were looking forward to more translation training.
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