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Jiang Lirong from BIT receives ‘Excellent Individual Award’ of Confucius Institute

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Translator: News Agency of BIT
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    On December 7 , 2014, the opening ceremony of the Ninth Confucius Institute Conference was held in Xiamen, Fujian. More than 2000 people from over 120 countries and regions attended the conference including presidents of universities and delegates from Confucius Institutes. Liu Yandong, vice premier of the State Council and the chairman of the Confucius Institute Headquarters Council attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Jiang Lirong, Chinese dean of Confucius Institute at University of Lagos (CIUNILA) which was co-established by University of Lagos(UNILAG) and Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT), won the ‘Excellent Individual Award’ of Confucius Institute.

    The delegates from two Confucius Institutes co-established by BIT and other people related attended the conference. Duro Oni, the vice president of UNILAG and the delegate of CIUNILA, and Segun Awonusi, the foreign dean of CIUNILA delivered keynote speech on the forum which titled ‘the qualification of presidents and teachers of Confucius Institutes’ and ‘the division and cooperation of the works done by deans from both countries’.


    The annually held Confucius Institute conference is a gala for Confucius Institutes worldwide. It has been successfully held for 8 years. This year the conference focused on the theme of ‘welcoming a new decade of Confucius Institute’.

    Confucius Institute is a non-profit educational organization established on the basis of Chinese-foreign cooperation. It is dedicated to meeting the needs of Chinese language study for people worldwide and conducting Chinese-foreign communication and cooperation on perspectives of education, culture and so on. Till now, there have been 475 Confucius Institutes and 875 Confucius classes in primary and middle schools in the world, covering 126 countries and regions. The number of students registered is 345 million in total. 61 countries and the European Union will include Chinese language study into their national education systems. The amount of foreign Chinese languages learners has rocketed to 1 billion, which is 3.3 times of the total amount 10 years ago.

    BIT took the measure of cooperative education and co-established CIUNILA in Nigeria and Confucius Institute at University of Saskatchewan with foreign universities. CIUNILA was established in October, 2009 and Confucius Institute at University of Saskatchewan was established in June, 2012.
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