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Outstanding International Students Award Ceremony and New Year Party held in BIT

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Translator: News Agency of BIT
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    On the afternoon of December 26, 2014, outstanding foreign students award ceremony and 2015 New Year’s party was held in BIT at school arts theater. Vice president Zhao Changlu and other school leaders and teachers attended the meeting. They celebrated New Year’s coming with foreign students together.  

    The ceremony was hosted by Wang Ying, head of Office of International Student, starting in the solemn national anthem. Zhao Changlu delivered an important speech. He said that international students work played an active role not only in personnel training, scientific research and international process, but also in enriching the campus culture. He noted particularly that with the efforts of teachers, the rate of foreign students master’s and doctor’s graduation came out in front of the domestic first-class universities. Our school has trained many excellent talents and enhanced international education. We will continue to support the future development of education of international students and write a new chapter with each school department. 

    Subsequently, Hu Gengkai, professor from School of Aerospace Engineering and Can Chanbao, professor from School of Materials Science and Engineering gave speeches respectively representing each school and mentor. They said that in recent years, the quality of international students has been greatly improved and the level of training for international students has also achieved significant progress. They also put forward new expectations to education of international students. After that, Ethiopian student Solomon, the representative of outstanding students, delivered a speech. He expressed with humor his wonderful life and harvests in BIT.    

    The year 2014 is a significant year for the education of international students in our school. This year, we welcomed more than 1,200 new students from 86 countries, the size of which is the biggest among these years. Our school has established a complete scholarship system to support more talented foreign students to our school for further study. The management team consisting of Office of international Students and many colleges is growing rapidly. It provides foreign students with excellent service.

    After that, the guests handed over certificates for this year's 57 outstanding performance international students and three who has won various competition awards in Beijing. In 2014, foreign students in our school took an active part in all kinds of cultural activities and competitions in Beijing, They achieved excellent progress and won honor for our school. Among them,  Czech students Hua Jie and Yi Muran won third prize and second prize in Beijing theme composition competition and photography contest. Turkish student, Ou Bingru won the "best debater" title in the "Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei college debate for foreign students sponsored by the Beijing Municipal Education Commission. Office of International Students won the best organization award.


    After the ceremony, New Year's party for foreign students began. The party started with a stage show performanced by students from more than 60 countries. "Treble prince" Zhao Shengli sang “the marriage of Figaro" selections and the song “That’s what I will be”, putting the party to the first climax; Rwanda Charles and Chinese students performed the cross-talk between Chinese and western tongue twisters, showing the Chinese level of foreign students in our school. Students from Nigeria showed their national dance. They are the first foreign students who won Confucius Institute Scholarship in our school. Pairs of South Korea and Nigeria sang a love song "love you", which sounded pure, fresh and moving. The party also invited Martial arts team of our school. Their brilliant performance won cheers from audience.

    Finally, the 2015 New Year party ended up with the teachers’ dance  "jasmine". After the meeting, students and teachers took pictures together to record the happy moments and celebrate the New Year!
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