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New Year party of National Defense Student held successfully in BIT

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Translator: News Agency of BIT
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    On the night of December 26, the Beijing Institute of Technology National Defense Student New Year Evening Gala took place at Report Hall of the Liangxiang Campus. Assistant to Institute President Yao Limin, Director of Student Selection and Cultivation Office You Jing, relevant Institute leaders and student advisors joined in the event to enjoy the visual and audio feast with national defense students.

    The Evening Gala kicked off with self-edited, self-directed and self-acted drama clips and started its show amid the song Red Sun presented by the national defense music band. Team leaders from the national defense team presented their New Year greetings along with a kaleidoscope of shows like cross talk, short dramas and magic performance. Meanwhile, songs like Brothers Hugging Each Other and The Moment I Put on Military Uniform caught great attention, with the former song cooperated by martial arts trainers to embody the close bond they have formed in daily training, the later representing the daily life of national defense students and the ideological changes they have undergone, striking an accord among spectator students and wowing audiences to a great extent.

    The most touching and exciting part is that the Evening Gala has a “mysterious section, at which the Student Selection and Cultivation Office prepared an elaborate cake for a collective birthday celebration as well as a special Coming-of-Age Ceremony. Assistant to President Yao Limin delivered an enthusiastic speech to express his sincere greetings and best wishes for national defense students, asking these students to cherish more the glorious title of national defense student, encouraging them to be stronger, more confident and independent, hoping that they can listen to and abide by teachings from leaders. These students felt considerate care and warmth, just like being at home despite the far distance and freezing winter.

    The Evening Gala was also interwoven with presentation ceremony of the National Defense Student Culture Festival to present awarding certificates for students and excellent teams in debate, themed article solicitation, Autumn song contests etc, highlighting the importance that the Institute and Student Cultivation Office has attached to the spiritual and cultural buildup for national defense students.

    The success of the Evening Gala should also be attributed to the effective leadership and great support from the Information Department and Political Department of the General Staff Headquarters, Beijing Institute of Technology Liangxiang Campus They provided professional audio facilities and timely coordinated the venue location to ensure the success of the Gala. Secretary Dong Bin from the Information Department and Political Department of the General Staff Headquarters by himself performed the Barracks Anecdotes that won hot applause, thus pushing the Gala to a pinnacle.
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