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2015 New Year Concert of BIT is held successfully

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Translator: News Agency of BIT
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) 2015 New Year concert has played its graceful tune for the coming New Year in the hall of National Library on the evening of Dec. 26th. Dean of CPC office of BIT Zhang Wei, vice dean of CPC office and vice president Li Hezhang, director of the Office of BIT Hao Zhiqiang, secretary of Office of the YLC in BIT Lin Wei, as well as other high-level talented experts from BIT, foreign experts, representatives of alumni and the vast teachers and students attended the concert.

    The whole concert is divided into three parts including chorus, symphony and the last one combining both. Accompanied by the song “Crescent Moon” sang by the chorus, the grand concert starts formally. The conductor of the chorus unit is professor He Chunhua from Center of Art Education. The sixty-year-old professor showed her attractive charm and temperament which deeply attracted both the audience and the performers. The songs consist of some world-famous music like The Blue Danube, Snowflake and some pieces adapted from Chinese folk songs like Flower Drum Dance also some contemporary works full of ethnic minority elements. Students from the chorus won a storm of applause with their wonderful melody and tune.

    Symphony unit is in the charge of young conductor Jiao Yang who has ever been to Europe. The symphony orchestra played many masterpieces one after another whose keynotes are serious also elegant. The performances perfectly add to the solemn but exciting atmosphere. In the last unit, members from orchestra and chorus present several operas seldom played on the school stage, especially the performance of Zimbabwean international student Zhao Shengli, which almost crowns the concert.

    With the familiar music The Air in Berlin, the performers rush to the audience, blow their whistles with flowers in their hands to welcome the coming of a new year. The whole odium becomes an ocean filled with music and laughter.

    The rehearsal and performance work in 2014 of Symphony Orchestra and Chorus is basically finished by the ending of the New Year concert. For the last year, members not only needed to work hard on their study, but also devoted themselves to the work to get ready for the show tasks. Besides, they use their spare time to get involved in the extending and popularizing of campus culture and art like 12·9 singing contest, culture and art activities from all schools and departments. During the year, two teams each accomplished their special performance--- orchestra played as a highlight on a report show on CCTV, while the chorus obtained the qualification to take part in the final of 2015 National College Student Art Show Contest on behalf of Beijing area, which is also the first time the team of the same kind performs on a stage that stands for the highest level between colleges nationwide. In addition, the chorus also gives excellent performance called “Beijing College Students’ New Year Concert” cooperating with the one from Peking University on the next day after the concert.

    Behind the result is the devotion of all teachers and students. Grade 2012 undergraduate student from School of Management and Economics Zhang Bohan’s coming to perform with his feet wrenched left a deep impression on people, which is only a microcosm of the team’s hard work. Developed by their sweat of diligence, the two teams have become not only the highest-level students’ art organizations in school, but also the most representative cultural symbols of BIT, which adequately shows the achievement of quality education especially public art education.

     After the education, Zhang and Li conduct a sincere conversation with performers and take photos as a memento.
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