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BIT snow sculpture team wins first prize in International College Students Snow Sculpture Contest

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Qin Siyao
Proof-reader: News Agency of BIT  Gao Jie
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    With the theme of “Snow and Youth, Dream and Future”, the 7th International Collegiate Snow Sculpture Contest was held on the campus of Harbin Engineering University in Harbin on Jan 7, 2015. Sixty-nine teams gathered and competed for four days. The work “Mist Dissolving” by Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) won the first prize. It was the second time in a row for us to win this title.

    The team had received close attention from the Office of the China Youth League Committee and college leaders. The School of Art and Design carefully selected and organized the team, which included Bi Zhongdong, Liu Xiaofeng, Wang Shizhuang and Dong Dakun among other students. The plan was finished after nearly three months of plan collection, modification, model production and technical analysis. In early January, led by the Sun Fei, associate dean of the School of Art and Design, the team went to Harbin Engineering University to participate in the competition.

    The organization committee held a simple opening ceremony and teams drew lots for their own snow chunks on the evening of Jan 3. The competition entered the race stage at eight o’clock of the next day. In the freezing cold of minus twenty degrees, the team devoted themselves into the creation of their snow sculpture day and night. They have overcome the bitter cold and the short time. Their passionate enthusiasm and superb carving skills not only stood out in the competition, but also demonstrated the beauty of ice and snow with their youthful energy.

    The BIT team spent four days carving the work “Mist Dissolving” which was highly praised by the judges and audience after a fierce competition. In this work, a felled root was combined with the classic symbols of the Great Industrial Era: chimneys, tall buildings, and industrial piping, indicating that humans have sacrificed the environment in exchange of the progress and development of society today. The team hoped that this could call on the public to protect the environment, save energy and know to develop and use resources reasonably. This works also urged people not to give up the longing for a better future, to protect the environment and to work together to create a great living environment.

    This time the work of our snow sculpture team was more difficult in terms of production than last year’s. Not only was the theme closer to reality and the idea more novel, the artistic performance was also more daring. Our team overcame all the hardship and the teamwork was efficient as well as methodical, giving the cold snow a touch of burning enthusiasm. Finally, judging from the conception of the theme, creativity, difficulty, techniques and artistry, the judge panel chose “Mist dissolving” to be the first prize.

     This competition was a world-class opportunity for college students who love sculpturing. It was also a feast of art and beauty as well as a test of personal perseverance and team spirit. In the pure world of ice and snow, BIT team members well demonstrated the spirits of our school with their own artistic inspiration and perseverance. They also established friendship with teams from all over the world, which was also as pure as the snow. This competition enriched campus culture, enhanced the aesthetic and professional skills and improved teamwork, which all helped the participants to become all-around, fully developed individuals.

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