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School of Materials Science and Engineering holds International Flame Retardant Material Forum

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Cai Danning
Proofreader: News Agency of BIT  Zhu Menghan
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    In 2014, school of materials science and engineering of Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT), the national flame retardant material engineering and research center and the international joint research lab of the science and technology of flame retardant material successfully hosted the 2014 international academic forum of the national flame retardant material engineering and research center. They invited professor Serge Bourbigot, doctor Gaëlle Fontaine from Université Lille , Dr Martin Klatt, the chief of development of the flame retardant material in Basf(a famous chemical industry company in Germany), professor Giovanni Camino from Politecnico di Torino, professor Zhang Sheng from Beijing University of Chemical Science and experts and researches in the world. They held 12 lectures, discovering the new ideas, concepts and methods of coping the key problem of the flame retardant material. They initiated discussions on the designing of the new type of fire retardants, the new concepts of the inflation of flame retardants, the analysis of the test of flame retardants and so on, for building the basis of establishing a platform of discussing the advanced issues of flame retardants.


    During the meeting, the experts also paid a visit to the national flame retardant material engineering and research center located in Xishan campus and communicated with Yang Rongjie,  the director of the center, conducting detailed discussion on further cooperation. Under the great support of international office, school of materials science and engineering, the forum was successfully held.
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