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BIT won three items of 2014 National Awards for Science and Technology

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Shi Qi
Proof-reader: News Agency of BIT  Yin Mengjie
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    2014 National Science and Technology Awards Conference is held with great ceremony by the Central Committee of the Party and the State Council on Jan. 9th, 2015. Leader of the Party and the country Xi Jinping, together with Li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan, Zhang Gaoli and others attend the conference and award the representatives of the award-winners. Premier Li Keqiang gives an important speech on behalf of the Central Committee and the State Council. Vice president Zhang Gaoli handles the conference. The decision made by the State Council on national awards for science and technology in 2014 is read out by vice Premier Liu Yunshan.

    Before the conference, general secretary Xi Jinping and other leaders meet with the representatives. Professor Chen Jie and Yang Shuxing of our school are warmly greeted by the leaders as two of representatives. Chen goes onstage to receive the prize. Institute of Science and Technology in BIT and part of the award-winners attend the conference.

    Beijing Institute of Technology won three items of the awards. Chen’s program won the second prize of National Natural Science Award, and Yang’s won the second prize of National Technology and Invention Award, while professor Ma Biao’s program completed by cooperating with other organs won the second prize of National Technology Progress Award .

    In recent years, our school has been aiming at national strategic demands and world’s technology development frontier, enhancing the basic research, getting involved in carrying out advanced and original researches, which lead to the improvement of innovative abilities and levels as well as the emergence of many great achievements. A series of programs strongly promote the development in several fields. “Digital caterpillar vehicles general platform” is the first new platform of the same kind, in which our school is in charge of one of its core technologies--the research work of transmission and control technology.

    All the achievements above adequately show the innovation’s leading position, and solve several technical problems of basic theories, critical technologies and weapons, also push forward the progress of related academic fields.
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