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iGEM Foundation Chairman visits BIT

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Lai Hongdi
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    On May 26, 2015, Professor Randy Rettberg, chairman of the iGEM (International Genetically Engineered Machine) Foundation, Associate Professor Meagan Lizarazo, Executive Director Richard Johnson and Professor King L. Chow, chairman of Asia-Pacific iGEM, visited BIT (Beijing Institute of Techology). During the visit, an experience sharing session of China iGEM competition, cohosted by Professor King L. Chow and Professor Li Chun, was held in BIT. Professor Li Qin, sub-dean of the School of Life Science, instructors of BIT iGEM team, such as Professor Li Chun, Professor Guo Shuyuan, Associate Professor Li Junfu, Associate Professor Ma Hong, Associate Professor Li Xiaoqiong, Dr. Lv Xuefei and Dr. Quan zhenzhen, instructors of BNU (Beijing Normal University) iGEM team and BUCT (Beijing University of Chemical Technology) iGEM team, and members from Team “BIT-China” as well as Team “BIT” from the School of Life Science, attended this session.

    At first, Professor Randy express his anticipation of BIT being an important partner of iGEM in Asia-Pacific area. He wanted to further the cooperation on areas such as promotion, organization, etc. BIT and iGEM both thought that iGEM is good for kindling students’ study interest, cultivating a better academic atmosphere and promoting students all-round development. Moreover, Professor Randy encouraged students to participate more in international competitions, so as to become innovative talents with international competitive edge, creativity, leadership and practical ability. Furthermore, Professor Meagan Lizarazo, Professor Richard Johnson and Professor King L. Chow gave some details on 2015 iGEM, such as new evaluation standards, new evaluation methods and some regulations on speech, poster and website of the participating teams.

    On behalf of the School of Life Science, Sub-dean Li Qin stated that BIT iGEM teams have been given significant support by the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and the Graduate School. Besides, instructors discussed fiercely on the present situation and future development of iGEM. Student representatives Li Chengyi and Li Yifei introduced the achievements BIT iGEM have made over these years. Professor Randy praised their outstanding performances and wished them the best for the upcoming iGEM. After the meeting, Professor Deng Yuling, dean of the School of Life Science, and Professor Li Chun briefly introduced Professor Randy to the conditions of the Biological Separation and Analysis Laboratory, and the Bio-Conversion Laboratory.

    Established by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), the International Genetically Engineered Machine Competition, as known as iGEM, is a top technology competition on synthetic biology. Synthetic biology is a currently heated topic in life science and engineering, aiming at designing and rebuilding gene or bio-system on the molecular level by using life information. This technology emerged during the development of society and economy. Its purpose is to resolve problems, concerning energy, resources, environment, and health. iGEM has significant worldwide influence and receives great attention from academic magazines such as Nature, Science, Scientific American and Economists, as well as traditional media like BBC. For the last two years, BIT-China iGEM team and BIT iGEM team have participated in the competition and performed rather well, winning three gold medals and one silver medal.

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