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Six academic papers of BIT selected into ESI

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Shi Qi
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    Six academic papers of the Energy and Environment Policy Research Center of the School of Management and Economics of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) were selected into the Most Cited Papers according to the latest data of Essential Science Indicator (ESI). In accordance with incomplete statistics, nine papers from the center has been selected successively.

    Among them, two papers’ lead authors are doctoral students. One is titled “China's regional vulnerability to drought and its mitigation strategies under climate change: data envelopment analysis and analytic hierarchy process integrated approach”, whose first author is doctoral student Yuan Xiaochen in the Class of 2012, and its corresponding author is doctoral supervisor, Professor Wei Yiming. The other paper is titled “Vulnerability of hydropower generation to climate change in China: Results based on Grey forecasting model”, whose first author is doctoral student Wang Bing in the Class of 2011 and its corresponding author is also Professor Wei. The papers are respectively published in journals, Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change and Energy Policy, which is another time for BIT being selected into ECI after the paper’s publishing of doctoral student Fan Jingli in June, 2014.

     Essential Science Indicator is a basic analytic evaluation tool developed by a world-famous academic information publishing institute, the Institute for Scientific Information in 2001, used to measure the science research performance and track science development. It is a database established on the basis of more than 10 million documents from 11 thousand academic journals collected by Thomas Reuters Web of Science. ESI now has become a significant evaluating indicator in the world which is used to evaluate universities, academic institutes, national or regional academic level and its influence. 
     ESI Most Cited Papers refer to those which are cited frequently ranking the first one percent across the globe. These papers are supposed to have a profound influence in related fields and seemed as a symbol of getting wide attention. Many papers’ being selected into ESI shows that energy and climate policy research in BIT is valued by more and more international peers, which will also encourage the teachers and students in the center to carry on more scientific research and enhance the subject construction and talent cultivation. 

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