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BIT holds 2015 Sino-German Flight Dynamics & Autonomous Control Workshop

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Lai Hongdi
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin


    During the occasion of the 75 anniversary of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), on the morning of September 16, 2015, 2015 Sino-German Flight Dynamics & Autonomous Control Workshop (FDACW 2015) was held in BIT.

    Yang Shuxing, vice president of BIT, Chen Jie, vice president of BIT, Professor Hu Gengkai, dean of the School of Aerospace and Engineering, Professor Cui Pingyuan, associate dean of the School of Aerospace and Engineering and Professor Lin Defu attended the meeting. Professor Holzapfel, Professor Dambeck, Doctor Spiess, (TUM), Professor Schulte, Doctor Waechter and Professor Hovakimyan also attended the meeting. Both Chinese and German young professors, doctoral students, graduate and undergraduate students, in total of more than 80 people, attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was hosted by Professor Tang Shengjing, vice president of the School of Aerospace and Engineering.

    Vice President Chen Jie delivered a welcome speech on behalf of BIT. He first expressed sincere welcome to the various scholars and experts at the seminar and then briefly introduced the history and the school’s important achievements in discipline construction, scientific research and international exchanges. Also he introduced the cooperation between The University of Munich and Beijing Institute of Technology in the school undergraduate graduation design, the master's doctoral joint training, the young scholars’ further education and academic exchanges. Chen Jie said, in terms of flight dynamics and control of BIT, the success of holding the meeting can not only strengthen international cooperation, but also promote the development of aerospace science and technology subject. It has far-reaching significance in the expansion of Beijing Institute of Technology's international impact force.

    Professor Holzapfel, chairman of the German side, delivered a speech. He reviewed the cooperation between The University of Munich and Beijing Institute of Technology, especially in the field of aerospace. He hopes to strengthen exchanges and cooperation between the two schools and achieve more development in the field of aerospace.

    The workshop was held by the School of Aerospace and Engineering of BIT, Vehicle Dynamics and Control Key Laboratory of the Ministry of Education, and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Autonomous Control Center of BIT. The University of Munich in Germany was in collaboration with holding the meeting. Zhang Shuguang, professor of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Cui Naigang, professor of Harbin Industrial University, and other home and abroad well-known scholars and professors attended the workshop. The meeting got support from the Center of International Communication and Cooperation and Academy of Science and Technology.


    This workshop provides a high level platform for academic communication. In the two-day meeting, the scholars and experts conducted in-depth communications on the subject of vehicle dynamics and control of frontier and the latest research progress. The discussion topics included spin craft stability analysis, multi-aircraft cooperative control, aircraft intelligent control, the spacecraft attitude control, advanced guidance control algorithm and others. A total of 15 Chinese and foreign experts and scholars participated in the communication with great interest and enthusiasm.  

    After the meeting, Chinese and foreign experts and scholars conducted a fruitful discussion about related matters for future cooperation and communications between the two schools. Both sides reached an agreement that 2016 Sino-German Vehicle Dynamics & Autonomous Control Workshop would be held in the University of Munich in Germany. At the same time the two sides obtained agreement on the future cooperation in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles control technology and related fields.

     The conference has far-reaching significance in promoting development in the field of aerospace science and technology, putting exchanges and cooperation forward between BIT and the University of Munich.


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