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Sino-German Seminar about Chemistry held successfully

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Lai Hongdi
Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    On the morning of April 11, the opening of the Seminar titled Challenges and Opportunities of Organoboron, Organosilicon and Organophosphorus China. The event is initiated by Professor Matthias Wagner of Goethe University Frankfurt and Professor Wang Suning, a Canada’s academician introduced by Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) Thousand Talents Program, and sponsored by the Sino-German Science Center of National Natural Science Foundation of China.

    The seminar opening was hosted by Professor Wang Suning. More than one hundred academicians and students from related fields attended the ceremony, together with 15 German scholars, 2 American scholars, 1 Japanese top scientist, 3 academicians from Chinese Academy of Sciences and 22 distinguished young scholars of the Yangtze River Project, etc.
    During the opening ceremony, academician Fang Daining, the vice president of BIT, professor Matthias Wagner, the initiator of COOOOC seminar, Zhao Miaogen, the director of Sino-German Science Center, and Professor Wang Bo, the associate dean of the School of Chemistry, made their remarks respectively. To be more specific, during opening speech, president Fang Daining briefly introduced the talent cultivation plan and scientific research direction of BIT, expressing his gratitude to Sino- German Science Center for such scientific communicative platform and sponsorship. Moreover, Director Zhao Miaogen, with every good wish for complete success of the seminar, hoped the bond and collaboration between China and Germany would be tightened up through this event, forging ahead the development of two nations.

    Apart from all that, Professor Matthias Wagner systematically introduced the research direction of German scientists, showing the possibility of in-depth collaborations between two countries in multiple fields. Besides, Dean Wang Bo depicted a big picture of the development direction and current situation of the School of Chemistry, especially of achievements in the aspect of research collaboration and talent introduction, believing that the cooperation and communication between China and Germany will be more frequent.

    This Seminar is the first high-standard Sino-German academic meeting directed by BIT, aiming at providing a direct communicative platform so as to lay a steady foundation for the further substantive cooperation. The conference themed the topic of “Challenges and Opportunities of Organoboron, Organosilicon and Organophosphorus Chemistry” and scholars centered their discussion on the reaction of phosphoric, silidous, boracic and metallo-organic compounds and the combination as well as application of new catalysts and materials.

    The seminar lasts from April 10 to 15. The success of the forum will further the communication and collaboration of the Chinese and German scientists, and boost the efficiency of science researches on the Organoboron, Organosilicon and Organophosphorus, hopefully making much ground-breaking progress and some fruitful discoveries.
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