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2016 News Agency Organizes Recruitment of International Students

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Zhang Andi

Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

     On September 5, more than 600 international students from over 100 countries and regions arrived at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). In order to promote the construction of the school’s English website as well as to further international publicity, under the support of the International Office, News Center of BIT organized students from its branch agency, News Agency of BIT, to recruit international students.



     News Agency of BIT is a school-wide student organization affiliated to News Center of BIT. Its main mission is to provide comprehensive support to the official English website of BIT. The English website had its major transformation in October, 2012, and afterwards, News Center organized News Agency for the purpose of better supporting and maintaining the website. Furthermore, News Center also invited teachers from the School of Foreign Languages to provide instruction for News Agency. After years of continuous efforts, News Agency has now become a mature organization, with the capability to provide contents and services such as daily news translation, interview of international students, voice dubbing and production of photography. News Agency now has four departments, the Department of Translation, the Department of Audio, the Department of Publicity and the Department of Interview. All the members are undergraduates of BIT. Due to the purpose of English website, which is to promote BIT to the globe, News Agency hopes the recruitment would attract more international students to the team and better the construction of the website.



     The International Office has given great support to the recruitment, by providing a special booth for News Agency. Besides, Zhao Lin, instructor of News Agency and some members with outstanding proficiency in English speaking from the Agency, are well prepared for the recruitment. Exquisite souvenirs are sent out to new students, including self-made booklets, self-made BIT medals and bookmarks. Specifically, the booklet contains introduction of the school’s English website as well as New Agency, and detailed life-hacks for both Zhongguancun Campus and Liangxiang Campus, which provides tremendous convenience to the newbies. Students spoke highly of the well-made booklet and the other souvenirs were also rather popular. With the instruction of staff, international students orderly consulted about News Agency and looked for their department of interest.


     Many international students pointed out that this recruitment was a great opportunity for them to show themselves and to make direct interaction with Chinese students. Through this opportunity, they got to know Chinese culture better, participate various activities more actively and develop their hobbies and interest. They looked forward to the upcoming events of News Agency.



    The recruitment came to a successful end. More than 30 students with different ethnicities from countries like Russia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan and Ethiopia signed up for News Agency. The intake of international students is bound to assist the construction of BIT’s English website and the internationalization of News Agency, promoting BIT’s overseas recognition.


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