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【Report】The Stunningly Awesome Moment of Excursion to the Great Wall

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Writer: News Agency of BIT  Teklehaimanot Yemane (Eritrea)

Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin


    When was the first time you heard about the Great Wall of China? And have you ever thought of paying a visit? On Saturday, October 22, 2016, there were two types of visits organized by the Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). One of which was a remarkable moment of visiting the Great Wall and the second was participation on a performance event at The Summer Palace. Although any kind of Chinese Art performance would be simply attractive, funny and entertaining, it would not be comparable to visiting the Great Wall and to have experience it personally. As for me I was very fortunate enough to be part of the Great Wall Excursion group. Thank you BIT and the Office of the International Students Center (ISC) at BIT in particular for arranging such a moment. Here is how the trip went on:

    Unlike the other days, my friend Redae and I woke up early in the morning, packed our things (food, drink, and stuff like that) very quickly and appeared at the departure spot, which was at the ISC. Far from our expectation almost everyone was already there, except few who followed us later. This shows how all the international students were eager to visit one of the world's most famous landmarks, the Great Wall of China.


Figure 1: International Students, just before departure at the ISC office

    About 166 fresh international students with few ISC staff members became ready for the pleasing trip. The buses left BIT at 7:50am. Wow! Watching the marvel of the notable buildings, ring roads, and the industrial zones of Beijing on the way to the Great Wall, has become unavoidable tip of the morning. Ten minutes after our departure from BIT, we passed by ZHONGGUANCUN Exhibition Center, not far to the left was another historic monument, The Summer Palace, where the other group of international students were heading to visit at the same time.

    On the way, I was wondering if we were visiting one particular part of the Great Wall. I have even asked one of our mentors from the ISC office, so as to realize which part we were going. A kindly reply, it was the JUYONGGUAN section of the Great Wall. Fifty minutes after our departure time, we reached the long expected destination. To speak frankly, the first glance was an all-in-one historic, natural and fresh wonder. After taking a common photo, the right time has come for independent adventure - Self-paced amazement.

Figure 2: International Students taking Common photo at Juyongguan Great Wall

    Here is expression of my personal adventure: The first time that I heard about the Great Wall of China was probably before seventeen years, during the early years of my high school, in a history class. Until these very recent years, I have never thought of visiting this world historical heritage. To think of visiting, it only seemed a fantasy. Yes, a fascination only having heard of wouldn’t be far from legend. Both the legend of the Chinese dragons and the story of the Great Wall of China have been only a fascination to me. But this day, (Saturday, October 22, 2016) my perception was completely changed. Having personally mounted myself at the pinnacle of one of the historical sections of the Great Wall known by JUYONGGUAN pass, I felt with all my mighty, legend transcending into a real essence. Then, having been assured that the Great Wall is a real thing, looking with my naked eyes, touching its walls with my hands, riding at its apex, I didn’t hesitate to ask the next question pulled from my fantasy land, “Where are the dragons?” I wanted to ride one of them, across the edges of the Great Wall all over its length, which is an estimation of about 13,170 miles (21,196 kilometers).

Figure 3: Photo - International Students mimicking Taiji after a Chinese guru at the Juyongguan Great Wall

    Dear international students, do you want to know more about the Great Wall of China, see the picture attached. Having realized JUYONGGUAN is only a little section of it, you will witness the Great Wall unfolding its own world!

Figure 4: Great Wall, Map Courtesy of TravelChinaGuide.




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