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BIT students win two silver medals in the Asian Division of 41th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest in Dalian

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Translator: News Agency of BIT   Lv Yutong

Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin


    On October 16, the Asian Division of 41th ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC/ACM) took place in Dalian, Liaoning Province. Students of the College of Software of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) participated in the competition. There were two BIT undergraduate teams, “Logging” and “Firefly”, consisting of students from year 2014 and 2015 of the College of Software. Team “Logging” consists of 3 undergraduates from year 2014, Jiang Tianyang, Cai Xiaofan, and Yan Suqing, was awarded a silver medal, the same prize as team “Firefly”, consisting of 3 undergraduates also, Zhang Shuai from year 2014, Zheng Yikang and Yin Hao from year 2015.


    The Asian Division of ICPC/ACM was initiated by Association for Computing Machinery in 1970.The contest aims at discovering talents with innovation ability, team spirits, coding ability under pressure, and problems tackling skills under pressure. It is the world-recognized, the largest-scale and the highest-level international collegiate programming contest, honored as the Olympic Games of IT industry. Its idea of happiness, service and friendship brings positive energy to the world peace and development.


    The Asian Division of 41th ICPC/ACM in Dalian was hosted by Dalian Maritime University. There were about 600 students of 218 teams from more than 100 universities, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Sun Yat-sen University. Universities that received prizes in the final global programming contest sent their top-ranking coding teams partaking in this competition, making this contest a “fancy party” for all the university IT elites.


    The BIT Business Incubation Base for Software Innovation attached great importance to the research and student’s accumulation of the basic knowledge of software engineering. It especially focuses on the talent cultivation in the aspect of algorithms theory and programming ability.

    The fact that the BIT teams could make such an achievement in the Asian Division of ACM/ICPC in Dalian has inseparable connection with their strenuous practice. Their outstanding performances make us realize the true meaning of No pains, no gains. It is sure that those students now know more about their shortcomings and become more experienced through the competition. In the future, they definitely will obtain more excellent results with their perseverance.


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