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BIT won awards in International UAVGP

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Shi Qi

Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin


    On October 23, 2016, all competitions of the 4th International Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Innovation Grand Prix (UAVGP) was officially finished. The Yunyi Innovation Team, on behalf of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), won the second prize in the rotor unmanned aerial vehicle competition with a relatively large advantage, which is the best grade of BIT in this kind of competition in recent years. Meanwhile, the School of Automation in BIT won the best organization prize.



    The International UAVGP is co-held by Aviation Industry Corporation of China and Chinese Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics, of which the purpose is to promote the technology innovation, diffuse the aviation knowledge, cultivate the aviation innovation culture, and improve the citizen’s aviation consciousness. The prix sets up competitions of fixed wings and rotors. For fixed wings, the race is settled on the time aircraft use to complete tasks, the faster the better. It aims to investigate the aircraft’s independent take-off &landing ability, highly precise tracing and highly flexible flight abilities, as well as the identification of dynamic target and obstacle avoidance abilities. For rotors, the theme of the race is “Accurate Agriculture”. The race is set up to investigate the aircraft’s independent flight control &strategy, target identification &tracking, automatically spraying work, environmental perception and obstacle avoidance abilities. The team of BIT preformed excellently in the preliminary and final in spite of a series of difficulties, which won the praise from the judges and other teams.



    The School of Automation attaches great importance to the students’ technology innovation works. Yunyi Team won the second prize in the prix after it obtained the first prize in the 2nd Innovation and entrepreneurship Competition of Yunnan Province. Their acievement is greatly supported by the BIT’s Communist Youth League Committee, the hard-working teachers and students, and more importantly, the cultivation system of the team and laboratory, by which they gain tons of helpful and practical experience. In the future, the school will increase the input for more outstanding achievements.


    Attachment: list of the project advisers and team members
    Project advisers: Pan Feng, Li Weixing, Gao Qi

    Team members: Xing Boyang(2015 doctor), Pei Mengxin(2015 master), Bai Wei(2015 master), Guo Mingyu(2016 master), Chen Tao(2016 master), Wang bin(2015 master), Jiang Muyun(2014 undergraduate), Zhao Liangyi(2014 undergraduate), Zhu Meng(2015 master), Pan Zhichun(2013 undergraduate), Li Yao(2013 undergraduate).



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