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BIT Snow Sculpture Team Wins Championship of International Collegiate Snow Sculpture Contest Again

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Translator: News Agency of BIT  Chen Liuhan

Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin



    On January 7, 2016, after 4 days of intense competition, the Ninth International Collegiate Snow Sculpture Contest held in Harbin Engineering University came to a successful end. There are 57 teams from universities of China, Russia, Britain, France, Belgium, Ukraine, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. The work of Beijing Institute Technology Dreaming Back to Yanan won the grand award and BIT became the first domestic team that won the award for a consecutive year.



    It is the 7th time that the snow sculpture team of BIT has joined in the game on behalf of the school. With the support of youth league committee, schools prepared carefully, selecting outstanding graduate students and undergraduate students to form the team to participate in competition. The team consists of Ouyang Zhe, Qi Quan, Liu Dong, Wu Yuejun, Chi Xinfeng from the School of Design and Arts, Song Shuaibo from the School of Mathematics and Zhang Mingxuan from Beijing School. After three months of program collection, modification and adjustment, model producing and technical analysis, the team finally decided the entry Dreaming Back to Yanan. At the beginning of January, led by the deputy secretary, vice president of the School of Design and Arts, the snow sculpture team went to Harbin Engineering University to participate in the competition.



    After the opening ceremony and drawing lots, on January 4, the competition officially started. The members of the team were fighting at the forefront of snow sculpture contest, concentrating all their energies on the creation of the entry, and they worked for more than 10 hours every day. On January 6, the competition reached the hard time when team members had to overcome the physical and psychological challenges in the freezing temperature of minus 20 ℃, fighting all night until the next day at 4 in the morning. After nearly 22 hours of working, the entry of snow sculpture was successfully completed. During the period, BIT Youth League Secretary Xiao Xiong and other leaders came to the race site to greet and encourage the students.



    On January 7, the snow sculpture contest appraisal work started. The entry of BIT Dreaming Back to Yanan won the high evaluation of the judges and the audience. The entry was difficult with a profound meaning. All the members were determined and never gave up. They overcame the inconvenience of the icing on gloves and masks, working outdoors for a long time, the intensity of work and many other difficulties, reviving the cold snow. Finally, taking the theme conception, creativity and innovation, difficulty, skills artistic expression and other aspects of a comprehensive evaluation into consideration, the judges made their decision, and BIT, for another time, won the grand award.



    The entry Dreaming Back to Yanan was based on Baota Mountain in Yanan. The tall tower, rapidly flowing Yan River and all the scenes look as if we were brought back to the unforgettable years of Yanan period. The main elements of the work are giant hands to break free of chains and clench the horn of victory, a soaring eagle, olive trees with pigeons hovering and a tank with the military characteristics, meaning that peace is built on a strong foundation of national defense. It was the 95th anniversary of the establishment of the CPC and the 80th anniversary of the victory of the Long March, and thus carrying forward the spirit of Yanan is more special and meaningful. The entry is intended to encourage people not to forget the initial purposes and to continue moving forward.



    During the contest, team was interviewed and reported by media. BIT’s works in Dreaming Back to Yanan was published in the January 6, 2017 edition of the "China Youth Daily" front page conspicuous location.



    The international ice sculpture competition is a world-class snow sculpture art exchange platform, a pageant of art and beauty and a challenge for personal perseverance and team spirit. “Roll up your sleeves and go ahead”! The team of BIT showed the attitude of being earnest, down-to-earth and working hard from the content of topics, and excellent carving skills. The spirit of Yanan has been passed on, and BIT snow sculpture team will continue to meet new challenges in the new year.

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