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Hundreds of Students and Teachers from AJOU University Came to BIT for Lecture of Chinese Science and Technology

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Chen Liuhan

  Editor: News Center of BIT Zhao Jie




  On January 13th, 2017, led by two deans Li Xiangde and Cao Zhonglie, 98 students and teachers from School of Information Engineering, School of Technology and the short term Chinese class After You of AJOU University in Korea visited Beijing Institute of Technology(BIT) and communicated friendly. They listened to the lecture Chinese high-tech and entrepreneurship which was given by professor Xue Qing from School of Mechanical Engineering of BIT.




  The vice deputy of Office of International Students Xie Fei on behalf of the univerisity welcomed the students and teachers of AJOU warmly. He hoped this activity would promote the communication and cooperation between the two universities. Zheng Hailan introduced the basic situation of BIT, high level international projects, scholarship of Chinese system and cooperation with South Korean universities to the teachers and students. Two deans of AJOU University also appreciated the warm reception of BIT, encouraged students to cherish the opportunity to understand the development of Chinese technology, economy and education, lay a good foundation for employment, and said they would like to communicate and cooperate with BIT in more areas in the future.


  After that, students visited the campus of BIT, they also communicated with teachers, South Korean students of BIT and Chinese volunteer students. Many students said they hope to have the opportunity to study in BIT.


  In 2016, president of AJOU University visited BIT and signed the MOU.  At present, the two universities have carried out substantive cooperation in the short term study of students as well as the exchange and communication of teachers. There has been 140 students and teachers visiting or participating in short-term projects to BIT, the cooperation has made satisfactory achievement.


  AJOU University was established in 1973. It consists of 11 schools(school of engineering, information and communication, natural science, management, humanities and Social Sciences, law, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, International school, school of basic education). It is a comprehensive university located in Gyeonggi Do, near Seoul. There are 1700 professors and 14300 students including 10000 undergraduates and 4300 graduates in the university. It reached NO.103 in the QS Asian University Rankings in 2013(BIT reached No.88). In the top 20 of the comprehensive university rankings of South Korea, its rate of employment reached NO.3.




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