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【Report】Beijing Institute of Technology Awards Outstanding International Students of 2016

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Report and interview by: News Agency of BIT  Teklehaimanot Yemane, Xie Xiaotian, and Lai Hongdi

Editor: News Center of BIT  Zhao Lin

    On January 5, 2017, the office of the International Students, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) conducted one of its biggest annual events. The auditorium at the 4th floor of the New Dining Hall in BIT, Zhongguancun campus, was full of cheering international students, while talented groups of students became ready to perform culturally diversified dancing and musical shows. Chaired by the Director of the International Students Center (ISC), Ms. Wang Ying, the event was officially started at about 2:00 PM. The beginning of the evet became incredible that everyone in the auditorium was eager to see what was to come next. The joint event was conducted to showcase the cultural integrity of BIT and that of the countries of international students and also to inspire students by recognizing and awarding academically outstanding international students.

    Figure 1: Ms. Wang Ying, Director of the International Students Center (ISC), BIT

    More than 1000 international students representing above 100 countries participated in the event. After delivering an opening speech, Ms. Ying invited the audience to watch a short video which highlights the main activities and achievements of ISC in 2016.
    Figure 2: Attendants - international students and BIT staff members


    During the event, Prof. Long Teng, on behalf of the BIT faculty members, expressed his sincere gratitude to the international students and to the departments and offices responsible for the management of overseas students. In his speech, he confirmed that BIT is making significant endeavors to expand the number and kind of international students in BIT while continuously enhancing the schools to international level of competence and readiness.


    Figure 3: Prof. Long Teng


    Also during the event, honorably invited professors shared their experience and expertise with international students. Prof. Ding Gangyi, Dean of the School of Software Engineering, spoke on behalf of the school and expressed his sincere wish to expand the school so as to make it more favorable for international students. Prof. Wang Bo, from the school of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering also shared his experience as an international student in overseas universities and advised students to try their best to have cultural, social and professional linkage within the BIT community and beyond in order to become successful in their academic pursue. Both professors expressed their readiness to help create an auspicious and better environment for BIT international students.


    Figure 4: Prof. Ding Gangyi, Dean of the School of Software Engineering


    Figure 5: Prof. Wang Bo, from the school of Chemistry and Chemical


    Some of the amazing activities performed during the event include: cultural dancing by international students representing their respective countries; Kung Fu show by a group of students; International students expressing their reflections of BIT in Chinese language; fashion show with some more other activities.


    The BIT 2016 Outstanding International Students award and 2017 New Year performance organizing committee selected 34 outstanding International Students and 14 special activities. The performers brought the cultural dancing of countries live to the stage all over from central Asia, west Asia, Europe, South Asia, and Africa.

    Figure 6: Kazak Dance performed by international students from Kazakhstan


  “My friends from Kazakhstan invited me to take part in this event. For me it was great. I was born in Kazakhstan; when I performed the dance with my teammates, I remembered my home, my birthplace, my country. During the practice for the event, I met many people from countries all over the world. The sessions of the event were very interesting. Many international students showcased their respective country’s culture; friends from china, Vietnam, South Asia, South Africa and others – it is unforgettable moment,”  said Yelena Zhuravlyova, a Kazak – Russian international student in BIT.


    Figure 7: International students from South Africa



    Figure 8: International students from Vietnam


    During the event we were able to interview some of the International students from Vietnam who participated in showcasing their country custom. They expressed their appreciation to BIT for providing high quality school environment and favorable life condition. They also believe the BIT campus at Liangxiang is so large and beautiful.


    The most interesting and main subject of the ceremony was to recognize and award international student. While the attendants can’t stop enjoying the amazing New Year performance sessions, they were impatiently waiting for the outstanding students awarding session.


    As part of the effort to motivate and inspire international students, this year, BIT recognized the 34 excellent students and awarded two uniquely outstanding students. The main criteria for the recognition was for students who performed well in the academic year 2016. This year, the special award was given to Syed Khalid and Ishaq Ahmad, both international students from Pakistan. The special award include a recognition certificate with ¥30,000.00 each, sponsored by the China Scholarship Council (CSC). Both awardees prepared and published high standing research papers with practical impact factors.


    Figure 9: Outstanding International students of the Year 2016, Syed Khalid (second from right) and Ishaq Ahmad (on the left)


    Syed Khalid is doing his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering and Ishaq Ahmad is doing his PhD in Applied Economics in the School of Management and Economics, BIT.  Both awardees have published more than five research papers and expressed their sincere gratitude to BIT for the fascinating research facility and cooperation they gained during the course of their study in BIT.

     Other outstanding international students have also received a certificate of recognition from BIT faculty members during the occasion.


    Figure 10:  Outstanding International students with their certificate of recognition


    Justina Kehinde Obaoye, an international student from Nigeria, who is one of the receivers of the certificate of recognition for outstanding international students is studying masters in International Law. She delightfully expressed her happiness during the recognition ceremony, and tells her diligence and hard work paid off for this award. She motivates international students who would like to pursue their study in China, to prefer BIT for the encouraging environment and cooperative spirit therein.




    Figure 11: Mr. Syed Khalid


    BIT News Agency (BNA):  Can you give us a brief introduction about yourself and field of study and your school?


    Syed Khalid (SK): My name is Syed Khalid, and I am from Pakistan and currently I am doing my PhD in Materials Science and Engineering. My PhD research project is basically focused on how to develop energy storage materials which have direct impact to overcome the ever growing worldwide energy problems. So far, I have published three research papers as a first author and 10 research papers as a co-author in well reputed scientific journals.


    I am greatly honored to be selected as BIT distinguished international student. I would like to offer my sincere gratitude to Chinese Scholarship Council as well as Beijing Institute of Technology.  I sincerely thank my mentor Prof. Chuanbao Cao for his guidance, encouragement and motivation during my research. I would not be selected as the distinguished international student without all the support and encouragement from my mentor.


    BNA: How is your experience in BIT as an international student?


    SK: I have a wonderful experience as an international student in BIT. International student center (ISC) has always been very cooperative and has solved many of our problems.  BIT has provided us an excellent environment which includes state of the art research facilities with dedicated faculty members.


    BNA: With regard to your personal experience, what are the efforts an international student should pay to be successful?


    SK: The main effort was my full time devotion to my research area.  I made intensive literature review to find novel ideas for my research. The novel ideas were the key factors in publishing my research findings in well reputed scientific journals. The publications were the main factor for my success in wining this award.


    BNA: What would you like to advice other international students to be successful in Chinese Schools?


    SK: It is my sincere advice to all international students to learn Chinese language as it will help them to get advantage of many national conferences and events in china. Other factors is to be punctual to their lab, make intensive literature review about their research area,  establish friendship with their lab fellows and learn from each other by sharing novel ideas.


    BNA: And finally, if you have a word or two to say?


    SK: Finally, I want to express my greatest regard to People Republic of China to provide us such wonderful platform to learn advanced technologies.  Long Live China! Long Live Pakistan-China Friendship!


    BNA: Thank you! We wish you a prosperous future.

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