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International Student Apartment Project of BIT Liangxiang Campus Successfully Completed and Accepted

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Chen Xisheng

  Editor: News Center of BIT Zhao Jie



  From March 9 to 10, 2017, two projects of Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) Liangxiang Campus, namely the international student apartment project and the second-stage infrastructure project were accepted by experts of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Planning Department.



  On the afternoon of March 9, the experts visited the site. On March 10, the experts’ acceptance meeting was held in the meeting room of the BIT Center of International Exchange. Executive vice president Yang Bin attended the meeting, and directors of the Office of Infrastructure Construction, the Office of Finance, Office of Development and Planning, the Office of National Assets Management, Office of Audit, the Archives, the Office of Liangxiang Campus Administration and the Center of International Students also attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Hu Yue, deputy director of the Project Construction Division of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Planning Department.



  The Acceptance Group debriefed the Office of Infrastructure Construction concerning the project construction and thoroughly inspected the project construction, financial management, and archives management. The Acceptance Group deemed that, the project has completed the construction as required and achieved the construction goal. The engineering quality, equipment operation condition, funds utilization, archives management and organizational management of these two projects have all met the relevant demands and therefore the two projects were approved of final acceptance of construction.



  Invested with 55.16 million Yuan, the international student apartment in Liangxiang Campus is located in the north of the northern basketball court with an area of 127000 m2 and 12 floors in total, 11 floors on ground and 1 floor underground. The building is constructed in reinforced concrete frame-shear wall structures with a height of 37.6 meters, and the earthquake fortification intensity is 8 degrees. The project was officially initiated on March 20, 2014; the foundation was completed on May 17, 2014; the apartment roof was sealed on September 19, 2014; the main body was finished at the end of May, 2015. After the acceptance of the projects, the demand of enrollment expansion of international students will be satisfied. BIT Liangxiang Campus will accommodate more international students throughout the world and provide favorable living environment. This lays a solid foundation not only for the enhancement of the communication between BIT and its international brother universities, but also for BIT’s own development into a world-class university of science and technology.



  The second-stage infrastructure project of BIT Liangxiang Campus is situated in the BIT Liangxiang Campus second-stage construction land, mainly including the main road and the loop road (water supply and drainage allocated by road, heating power, gas, electric and weak current line pipes, and road planting) within the land in the north of lake area, parking lot, basketball court, fire pool, power center, etc. The new constructing area covers 969 m2.



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