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【Photo News】Asia Special Activity of BIT International Culture Festival Successfully Held

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  Translator: News Agency of BIT Chen Yunhan

  Editor: News Center of BIT Zhao Jie



  On the afternoon of April 14, Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) held international culture festival--Asia special activity. Hundreds of Chinese and foreign teachers and students gathered at the international square of BIT and witnessed the open ceremony of the festival. This activity was hosted by Office of International Students with the help of International Exchange Department of Youth League Student Union. Before the event, students from over 10 countries enrolled, eventually, four countries were selected as the mainly hosting countries: Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Vietnam. Students from these countries showed their native culture and style by dancing and singing performance, native food, video playing, and culture exhibition. Besides, there were many other activities like pairing of language partner and international wish wall.



  On the stage, students from Uzbekistan which are good at singing and dancing invited the audience to join the performance, everyone swayed around with the music Hello Uzbekistan and enjoyed it very much. Under the stage, Tug of war organized by students from Kazakhstan also made the scene extremely warm. The audience at present formed the group randomly and join the game. The voice "Come on, come on" sounded never had stopped. On the exhibition booth, there were various food from different countries. Students from host countries shared their native food with the audience warmly, ‘It is so delicious!’ ‘I like it very much!’ ‘I want more!’ The food truly made them not want to leave. Girls wearing Sally from Pakistan painted Hanna tattoo for the audience. Teachers and students all enjoyed themselves and experienced ‘international style’ through this activity.

  "Understanding doesn't care about distance, gathering in BIT." This activity started the series of activities of BIT international festival. We hoped that more countries could join the exhibition and hoped more students of China and other countries could come to communicate to make campus life more colorful, strengthen understanding of native and foreign culture and help BIT become better and better on the road to international education.


Vietnam dance-- Between Landscape


Pakistan group dance


Kazakhstan dance and singing


Give the thumbs-up with me


Pakistan students are preparing for the exhibition


Girls wearing national clothes from Kazakhstan are teaching audience to dance


Vietnam students: welcome to take photos with us


Let me paint national flag for you


Live audience


Special delicacy



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