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BIT Makes Ready for the 55th Capital Campus Student Track & Field Meet

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Translator: News Agency of BIT, Chen Xisheng

Editor: News Center of BIT, Zhao Jie


Derived from the 55th Capital University Student Track & Field Meet


  In late May, the 55th Capital Campus Student Track and Field Meet (referred to as the Meet) will be held at Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT). Through a one-month renovation of the east playground of BIT, the plastic laminate was renovated, and indicative markings were sprayed. As the main field of the Meet, the east playground comes on stage with a new track and field coating.

  Taking the principle of economization and the opportunity of undertaking the Meet, BIT took a full advantage of the existing stadium and infrastructure, and conducted planning, construction, and renovation, improving the condition of the sports ground of BIT. The renovation provided not only a strong support for the success of the Meet but also a favorable place for the teachers and students participating in sports in the future.

  At first, from a high perspective, the football court recoated with real turf is brightly green, in stark contrast to the orange-red track.



  On the orange-red track, the newly repainted surface and its granular sensation are thrilling. This will be the field where athletes from 70 universities compete and contend!



  In conformity with the requirements of the Meet and in the short period, the Logistics, Center for Sport Science and Physical Education, and construction unit constructed in succession, and the processes were conducted closely and orderly, which ensures that the renovation was smoothly completed as scheduled.


▲Painting markings and smoothing turf of football court in high efficiency


▲Precise gauging


▲Careful mending


▲White track markings was painted meter by meter



  The new sports field is ready for the 55th Capital Campus Student Track and Field Meet. As the host, BIT welcomes the teams of all the universities of Beijing gathering here with passion. When the Meet finally comes, let’s have fun together, compete for the glory of universities, feel the culture and enjoy the pleasure of sports!

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