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It’s time to hear BIT international students’ love for the sports meeting

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Writers: Zhao Jie, Wu Xiaoran, Shami

Photographers: News Agency of BIT, Office of International Students


Tumysheva Ines


  “I do sports for health. I decide being a volunteer and it would be a great opportunity of participating in the sports meeting.”


Polina Osadchaya


  “The sports meeting is a good chance to enjoy school life here. I’m happy that the Office of International Student cares about us and BIT gives us many opportunities to start our things, like I have my own volleyball team.”




  “Everyone wants to end up in the top position.”

  “I take part in the ‘roll the snow ball’, and I have no idea about it several weeks ago.  I also take part in penalty shooting, because I run 4 football teams in BIT.”

  “BIT is becoming a home for me. I have been here for more than 3 years and I think my choice for BIT is great.”


Khalid Akbar


  “As a PhD student, I’m living out of BIT but I’m satisfied with its environment. I came here today for the sports meeting and I took part in 3 events, roll-snow-ball, penalty shooting and 100 meter race”




  Instead of participating in competition events today, I am responsible for holding up a sign to reveal the glamour of our international students in the sports meeting.To my delight, my best friend will participate in Women’s 800m (preliminary & finals) for the sports meeting at 2:00 this afternoon and I really wish she will win the first place just as she did in the sports meeting last year.Actually, I have great confidence in her abilities.



  Zhao Kun, vice director of the Office of International Students tells us that it’s important to join happily, make friends and cultural exchange for BIT international students in the sports meeting. For the sports meeting, not only international students, all teachers from Office of International Students participate to encourage students and takes our special care to design T-shirts with "I love BIT" which means that the foreign students are BITer and they love BIT very much. With the establishment of university groups and integration platforms, BIT have continuously created brand activities about international cultural exchanges, and deepened cultural exchanges between Chinese and foreign students. Many activities are helpful for all students in BIT and have a mutual promotion for Chinese students and international students in BIT. On the one hand, international students can have a better understanding of BIT and  Chinese, on the other hand, Chinese students also learn foreign culture from international students from 122 different countries. In the course of the education of international students, BIT will move forward to develop assimilation, enrollment expansion and quality of education for the world first-class university.

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